2 questions Im going to pack in one thread


Ok. I have 2 questions that I will pack into this…

#1) Does anyone know if there is a place besides Ebay that I could get a WDW mist water bottle before my trip? I have been looking on Ebay and havent seen anything…

#2) If I bought a SWA ticketless travel voucher off of Ebay is there any way I can check to see if its good before I pay for it? Does anyone have any ticketless travel funds that they want to sell??


I can’t help with the WDW spray bottles, I’ve only seen them at WDW. I have seen non-DIsney mist bottles at WalMart and other places.

I wouldn’t feel safe buying ticketless travel funds, I can’t imagine a way to see if they’re good until you try to use them. I think you would have to have their SWA info. My friend and I have talked about using each others credit if we needed to but we’ve haven’t needed to yet.


I dont feel safe doing the voucher thing on Ebay as well… I just looked and people were spending $350 for a $360 voucher… To me $10 wont make or break me so I rather feel safe and get them directly from SWA


I totally agree with DT.

I personally would save a TON of money and buy the bottles at Walmart and put Disney stickers on them. A fun project for your kids and way cheaper.

I would not feel comfortable buying anything like that on Ebay.


I agree, it’s not worth the risk.


I have bought the walmart mist bottles in the past and they broke before even getting on Dtransportation on the 1st day. At least if my WDW one breaks I can always exchange it for another…


Will your kids carry a bottle around all day? Since we quit taking a stroller we quit taking a mister bottle because I know my son and he wouldn’t carry it for 10 minutes after we got to the park.


My Dh asked me the same question. I know one will… I was thinking I know I bought a few last trip so Im about to take a ride over to my moms and see if its in her basement.


The spray water bottles sound like a really good idea, my kids bugged me for them when we were there last time. What happens to mom…she carries 3 fanny packs and 3 drinking water bottles and 2 spray water bottles. Just call mom the pack mule.


That’s why we quit taking the spray bottle. We buy water when someone needs a drink and my son doesn’t take anything to the parks. I take a backpack but it’s pretty light and it’s stuff we all use.

My son does like to press pennies so I keep a mini M&M tube in the backpack stocked with quarters and pennies in layers and his autograph book but that’s about all my son needs.


The m&m tube is an AWESOME idea. I will have to use that one on the next trip.


You do have a point there. I guess the heat wont be that bad in Sept. Once my daughter took 3 of her American Girl dolls to the mall and I told her to leave them in the car but she wanted to bring them so I told her that I wasnt going to take care of them so when we were shopping she decided that she doesnt want to carry them and she left them there:eek: So thankfully they were still sitting where she left them so I swore never again…


I layer it with two quarters and a new penny until I get enough in the tube. Try to get the smallest tube you can find. I made the mistake of filling hte tube to the top the first time I did it and let me tell you–it was heavy! I now pack 2 full tubes to leave in the room and a half full tube to take to the parks. I refill it as needed so we aren’t taking too many to the parks each day.

Another tip–I printed this list, shrunk it to 1/4 size and stapled the pages together and stuck it in the backpack so we know what we have and what we need. I went through all the pressed coins my son had one winter day last year that way I knew exactly what he already had. Now I check off his coins as he’s pressing them–it’s quick and easy.



Thats so cool. My nephew ike to collect coins. I will have to see what he has so I can collect some more for him thi time around.


Are you sure it won’t be hot in Sept.? My dd and dsil went in Sept. in 1999 or 2000 and said it was like walking around in a oven. Mid to high 90’s everyday. Unless that was a fluke, I’d guess it can be very hot in Sept.


:eek: I need to go find my mist fan


You better, September is still HOT! My best friend went to WDW last October for Food and Wine and siad it felt as hot as July.


Could there be a possibility of it being chilly. I want to start shopping clearance racks for spring clothes and need to know what to get. I like to get clothes out of season for the trip. Last week I went to Disney Store and got my DD 2 disney tank tops for .74 a piece.


The parks seem to have more and more of the “mist” water areas! So you can always go by one of them if you want a little mist or two!

We have the WDW water bottle we bought it when we went 4th of July out of desperation (NEVER AGAIN will I go 4th of July!!!:ohmy: :blink: ) cuz we were so HOT!!

Truthfully, altho a great concept . . . it is super heavy when full of water . . . and I’ve seen plenty of people walk up to the tank that holds them for sale mist/breeze put down and walk away!! At $12/piece . . . expensive! And that same day we went through 3 of them cuz they kept breaking! True they replaced them no problem . . . but what a hassle! :blink:


Yes, September is still VERY HOT . . . it doesn’t start to “cool” until around Halloween . . . and even then it can still be 90 degrees!

Tomorrow is only going to be a high of 69 here in SoFlo . . . I hear NY is going to get 10" of snow . . . brrrrrrrrrrr!