2 rooms instead of 1 at All-Stars?


Hi everyone, this is my first post and I have a couple of questions. I’ve enjoyed reading all of your advice and tips and look forward to planning my trip next year in late Nov. or early Dec.

Here’s my questions

My Dh,dd and new baby (about 6 mo) will be going to WDW next year and I was wondering if anyone ever had 2 rooms at the ASMo instead of 1 because it is double the cost there but less than say poly or cont, etc. and basically gives you a 1 room suite. We’re staying for 7 nights Thoughts?

What is a good area to stay in at ASMo’s? Room #'s?

Can you get a microwave/fridge at the AS’s?

How is the bus transportation? We’re thinking about getting a car anyway.

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you :slight_smile:



Haven’t stayed at the All-Stars yet, just wanted to say, Welcom to DC!


Welcome to DC! :mickey:

My family and I used to stay at nothing but the All-Stars. We love them! Here’s a map of how the hotel is laid out… it might help you decide what building to stay in. :slight_smile:


Welcome to DC! We haven’t stayed at the all stars but we do stay at POP in 2 rooms. This is because we have 2 DD’s who won’t share a bed. It is great as we have 2 bathrooms and two TV’s! I don’t see much point in staying in two rooms if you want the idea of a suite as you will only get the same room again! You can rent a fridge as far as I remember. You may be better of with a room at a mod hotel as they are a bit bigger and come with a fridge.


When we stay at the values we always get two connecting rooms. Loads of space, two bathrooms, two TV’s, two dressers, etc. I believe you can rent a fridge for $10 a day. As for which building, I have never much cared except that I would rather not be too close and facing the pool as it can get very noisy sometimes.


We have only stayed at the All Star Movies Fantaisa building and we love it. It is $10.00 a night for a fridge at the All Stars. At the time of year that we have been there we have never had a problem staying poolside but we do not travel during peak seasons. Taking the bus is an easy way to travel around WDW. I like someone else doing the driving but it will all depend on your needs. The All Star Movies is the last bus stop of the AS resorts but it really isn’t that long as the resorts are all right there together. From the MK the All Stars do have their own bus - the other parks all the All Stars ride together. We have never waited more than 10 minutes to board a bus - most of the time it is under that but then again I am sure that it all depends on the time of year that you are going.

Good Luck and WELCOME TO DC! :mickey:


Welcome to DC!!!

We’ve always stayed at a Value (at least the last 4 trips anyway) and we always get two connecting rooms. (DD9 and DS13).

Here’s the basic plus:

  • 2 TVs
  • 2 bathrooms. (HUGE plus)
  • Separate beds for the kids and 2 beds for us… ummm… I won’t explain why two beds is cool. YOU do the math. :blush:
  • double the space

I don’t see a drawback at all.


I would absolutely go for the two rooms (and plan to in the future). The last thing I want is to have to go to sleep when DS4 has to go to bed!


Thanks everyone, sounds like 2 it is and more people do it than I thought!


We always do two rooms- we’ve done it ASmovies and ASmusic and will be doing it again in Feb. It is really worth it- just having the extra bathroom is sooooooo worth it for our family of five.



I would say skip the car and put some of that money towards a second room.


first of all, welcome to DC. i’ll try to answer your questions as best as i can. we stayed at ASMo before and enjoyed our time there. a good area to stay at will probably be the toy story buildings. it’s closest to the food court and bus stops. bus transportation runs every 20 muinutes, just like the rest of the resorts. i don’t know if you can get a microwave or fridge in the rooms. they usually don’t have fridges. i think you can request one though. there is a microwave in the food court. i hope i was of some help to you.


Hi and welcome to DC! I would go with 2 rooms also…more space!

Also, I’d hold off on making up your mind just yet…rumor has it that there will be such a thing as suites in the value resorts in the near future. They might be available at the time of your trip. Of course I haven’t heard any word on the cost of this…
but heres the story…www.allearsnet.com
this site is also just a GREAT trip planning reference along with Disney Central!


WELCOME TO DC. I am new too and am loving all the POSTS and REPLIES to read, read, read before we go.
I stayed at ALL STAR once and YES, get two connecting rooms. If your babe falls asleep, you can slide the door a tad bit shut and watch tv, comfortably in your room w/o disturbing the babe. Just peek your head in from time to time etc etc. Then OPEN the door WIDE, when you and DH finally go to sleep so you can hear easily anything at all from the babe’s room. GO FOR THE TWO!!