2 things

  1. after relentlessly calling I managed to get a Fantasmic package for next Thursday at HBD! YAY! We were eating there anyway that day so it worked out!

2)when eating at a place that serves Sushi…if you order a roll, is it considered an app or a meal? We have the deluxe dining plan and I would love a roll at Tokyo Dining, but dont want it as me meal!



Wouldn’t that be explained on the menu? If you order a roll from the entre list, it’s a meal and if you get it from the appy list, it’s an appetizer, right?


you’d think, but its not clear on the menus I have seen. Its listed between the two.


Usually rolls are just listed under rolls- the don’t fall under the category of app or entrée.


So out of pocket? Guess ill be sushi free lol


awww, c’mon, you can have 1 sushi roll :happy:


OK, first California Grill, which you didn’t ask about.
There are several rolls that qualify as appetizers. You need to ask because Yoshi changes up the sushi roll menu every so often.
At Tokyo Dining, I’m trying to remember if we’ve been on or off plan.
I seem to recall getting the tempura appetizer and the sushi combo as an entree.
I know most of the times we’ve eaten there, I’ve ordered ala carte sushi pieces (OOP) even if we were on plan.
(Dang, my memory’s really letting me down here)
Your best plan of action is going to be asking your waitress (no waiters) once you get there.


We have deluxe dining and I just can’t handle spending the extra $$ lol


Like I said, I’m fairly certain that we ate there on deluxe dining and wound up getting the tempura appetizer and a sushi combo for my entree.
Desserts are really disappointing though, at least for me and DW.

Edit: We certainly were deluxe when we dined there in October 2008.


I agree. My bf is plain so he got the vanilla ice cream, but I got the Ginger chocolate cake. Ew