20 days out & STILL working on ADRs!


I think I have it down tho. We got the deluxe dining plan and BF wants to sit down at a TS EVERY meal not happening lol but I have decided to do alot sit down. We have 18 meal credits to use…and this is what I have planned: (keep in mind I do not have a PH pass, so I have to stick to the parks I will be in and resorts close by)

9/26 day of arrival
Via Napoli @1130am
Yachstman Steak House @510

Blizzard Beach/Magic Kingdom (for Spectro Magic & Wishes)
Boma @820am
counter service for lunch
counter service for dinner (nothing available at MK! UGH!)

Magic Kingdom
Breakfast-quick snack
Lunch-Tonys Town Square @125pm
Dinner: Big River Grille @ 730pm

Breakfast-Ohana Best Friends Breakfast (w/Lilo & Stitch) @740am or 840am
Lunch-Coral Reef @155pm or Via Napoli @1245pm
Dinner-Tokyo Dining @830pm

Breakfast-counter @pop
Lunch-Hollywood Brown Derby @245pm
Dinner-Raglan Road@10pm (we are catching Fantasmic, thats why it is so late)

Animal Kingdom
Lunch-tuskar House @1245pm
Dinner-Wolf Gang Puck Cafe @730pm

Sound good!?


Sounds good, but is your 10/1 a counter at pop? I am not sure that there is a quick breakfast at the AK (could be wrong, but I am not sure where it would be…)
Keep trying on the MK, and check when you get there, and on the day of at city hall for reservations… Good luck.


Yeah, its a CS at POP. I dont think there is a CS for Bfast at AK, but I will keep trying. The site kept going down when I looked earlier!


I was looking at some stuff last night, and had the same thing happen- good luck!


Its back up and running! =) Realized if I do that tho, we have to pay for a meal OOP. So, a snack for breakfast it will be! lol. But, I did change from Capn Jacks to WGPCafe. BF hates seafood lol. The menu looks good at WGP tho!!!


I think Pizzafari has breakfast CS. :happy:


:mickey: We’ll be there the same time…checking in on 9/25 and out on 10/2!! Had to get out my ADR’s to see if we are hitting the same places…well the only one that seemed close was your Tokyo Dining…you eat at 8:30 and we are at Tappen Edo at 7:30!!


And you arent to far away from me when we are home either! lol LOVE IT!


We soOoo need an NJ Mousebuzz meet n greet!


Do you have an ADR for big river grille? It that the beer place near boardwalk? Do they take ADRs? I thought that was a walkup or call the day of type place. My DH and I were talking about trying it and if it was too long of a wait…pizza will be our fall back.


My DH and I are going to try Big River Grille when we go in November. I was talking to a CM the other day and they told me that they don’t accept ADR’s there. First come first served.


We have called BRG when we are in the World and they have taken a ressie. This was 2 trips ago in Oct 09.


Last year they took one too. You have to call them directly and within 30 days of the day u want.


Oh, thanks for that info, I’ll make sure I call before I leave home.


I think I noticed that too, on our last trip.


I loved lunch at Tusker House. We did the the Finding Nemo special seating with it. We couldn’t eat for the rest of the day as there was so much good food!


I agree!!! :smile:


We are doing Tusker House @ 145 on 10/1. So,w e get the pref seating too. Last year we did the Lion King. I wasnt thrilled. I hope that Nemo is better!!!