2004 & 2005 Flower & Garden Festival Photos


Another thread about the upcoming Flower & Garden Festival at Epcot has attracted quite a bit of interest so I thought I’d post my pictures from both the 2004 Festival and the 2005 Festival. Clicking on each link will start a slideshow that can be replayed if you’d like. If you can possibly make it, it’s a beautiful time to be at Epcot.


Thank you so much for the pictures, Park Hopper. I am getting excited about catching the last part of this this spring. I haven’t paid much attention to the F&G Festival in the past since we usually go in the middle of the summer so I am trying to learn as much as I can about it.


Breath taking and gorgeous! Thanks for posting all those great pictures PH!!!


Those are just beautiful! Those topiaries are amazing! My dream is to go for the Flower and Garden Festival some year. Thank you for posting them, PH!


Thanks for the cool pics! I’m seriously thinking of heading back up for this year’s F & G Fest. Epcot never looked so beautiful as it does when it’s all decked out in flowers and topiaries.


Oh, I LOVE the panda and Bambi!! Very nice pics - thanks for sharing them with us.


Very very cool pics! That brought back so many memories, I was there in May of 2005.


Hopper, that’s exactly why May is the best month to visit WDW! I love that so much! Tanks.


Thanks parkhopper! Nice pictures.

We are there every year for the F&G festival. This time we plan to stop and smell the roses for a change.


You’re absolutely right, Miss D. The weather is perfect, the crowds are small and the whole place is beautiful. The only other time of year that rivals it for us is the Food & Wine Festival from late September through the first 12 days of November. The weather is pretty great then, too, and if you’re a foodaholic it’s nirvana.


I am going this year for sure. I just bought my annual pass, now I just need to find a good flight. Everyone say “DING” with me!


DING!! :biggrin:


Double Ding for mickey!

Thanks for the photos Park Hopper! It looks just beautiful :wub: