2005 Resort Room Keys


What do the WDW Resort Room Keys look like this year? The last time I was there, in 2003, they were illustrated with Tinkerbell on them and were in various pastel colors of blue, pink, and yellow. I’m just curious as to how they’ve been madeover for this year.


They were the same tinkerbell ones last year, too.


I have been wondering the same thing. I hope Disney changes them for the 50th anniversary. I can’t wait until the May people get back.


By the way, welcome back to DC—we haven’t seen you here for a long time.


I’m hoping they have changed them too. I have a bunch of the tinkerbell ones.


They are still the Tinker Bell ones. :slight_smile: I have some from not too long ago that are either blue or purple with a Mickey head pattern. And before that I really don’t remember. Did the hotels each have their own key style, I wonder?


When I went in Dec 2004 they were still the Tinkerbell. I leave in 23 days to go back for the 50th Celebration and I’ll let you know if they change. I check in on 5/4, the day before the Celebration, so I hope that they don’t wait until the exact day to change. Maybe on 5/5/05, if I still get Tinkerbell, I’ll ask. OK, sounds like a plan.


I was just there in March and they are still the same 'ol tinkerbell ones…although…i do think they would change them for the 50th…i mean they are changing everything else!


I love WDW!!! Just the fact that the room keys are specially designed to be fun makes me LOVE DISNEY!!! I am typing in my most loving all-caps!!!


I can’t wait to find out what they are going to look like too. You always feel special carrying one around.

I wonder if they are going to change the resort mugs too.


i just got back last week and they had tinkerbelle ones…im sure they will change them


Yeah, in February Tinkerbell was still there. In case you are wonderind DVC resorts have the same Resort IDs, my friend stayed at Vero Beach.


One of the things I really love about DC is the number of people who actually care what the room keys look like. I can’t wait to have one!

And as far as having them… aren’t you supposed to return them? I mean, I know I’d WANT to keep it, but…


If anyone gets an extra room key… I’d love to have one… I don;t have a trip planned this year. Sniff… somebody who is going, ask for a spare key and send it to me! I will pay postage and all that stuff!!! (Wow, am I a whiner and a beggar, or WHAT?)


Actually, I was told by the staff at the Contemporary back in 2003 that they purposely make them a collectible so the guests have a unique memento of their stay! Once you leave, the code to your room lock is changed, just like if you loose your room key, they issue you a new one after changing the codes!


I too hope they change the keys. My DD loves the Tinkerbell ones though. She has them in her little toy mailbox and pretends that they are letters from Tinkerbell.


The cards are printed as you check in and have your name and the dates of your stay on them. Disney doesn’t want them back and they make a great memento.


It’s my understanding now that each person in the room now has a key with their own name on it. Is that right?


I would love to add a new style of card to my collection! I keep them in my wallet, so everytime I buy something I see Tink peeking out from behind the cards. Takes me back everytime!


When we were there last July we still got cards with the same name on all the cards.