2006 Disney Dining Plan


Hey there,

I just downloaded the new Disney Dining Plan…

I noticed a few changes…

Isn’t not Counter Services (CS) now it’s Quick Services (QS)…

Also the Corel Reef is now 1 TS not 2, but Cinderella Royal Table for all meals are now 2 TS not 1 TS.



Thanks for the heads up dac921!

Not sure if this is new, but I noticed that there will be a sign on menus showing what is available for the ‘snack’ option. I have read conflicting reports as to what guests were able to get, so this should make things more uniform.


The “DP” logo was on the menu boards when we were there in October. We didn’t have any trouble figuring out what was a “snack”.


I thknk it really sticks that CRt is a double between that and making you pay up front for it all just stinks. Its kinda like they are “stickin’ it to ya”. It’s not like they have trouble filling the place or selling it out no matter the price.

I get screwed because we are celebrating out 5th anniversary there on June 10th for dinner - No characters but want my daughter to be able to meet the princesses for breakfast there. Thats 4 sitdowns off my dining plan per person!!!


How much cash is breakfast at CRT? That just doesn’t sound right that it would be 2.


The menu at allearsnet (updated this month) has breakfast at $31.99 per adult and $21.99 per child and it includes photos.

Here is the link to the breakfast menu adn onfo about the photos:



hmmm… I think it’s a save with the Dining Plan for that one…


Definitely saving but losing 2 sitdowns meals to do it is a bit of a con.


It really is outrageous to charge $32 for breakfast in the first place. They know everyone likes to go there so they keep rising the price just to see how much we’ll pay. Sometimes I think Disney would charge you for breathing the air if they could figure out a way to do it!