2007 Guidebooks


Does anyone know when the 2007 version of Guidebooks (like the Unofficial Guide) will come out? Thanks!


If I remember correctly from last year, it seems like August - September is when they seem to get updated. Kind of like cars, they start a bit early.


If you already have the 2006 edition of Unofficial Guide, I don’t see much changing in it for the '07 edition.

The '06 edition already has touring plans that include EE’s arrival at AK.


Usually you can pre-order from like Amazon.com or Barnesandnoble.com so when they are released they will ship them right away. It is usually in September.


Thanks everyone. I have a 2003 Unofficial Guide and am maybe planning a trip for August/September so I wasn’t sure if I should buy the 2006 or if the 2007 would be out before the trip. Guess I will go with the 2006 to get all the MYW ticket stuff and EE.

Thanks again!!