2007 planning


I may have this in the wrong place so tell me and move it if it is.
If I book a trip now for sept 07 and then a better price/deal comes along later, can I get the better price? With the way this year has gone, I have decided to make my reservatiion so that I will get to go no matter what next year.


Yes, you can apply discounts later should they come out.


Thanks Dana


That’s soooooo good to know. As soon as I can afford the deposit, I’m booking mine too.


Any time!:heart: :heart:


I actully did this for our Labor Day weekend trip. I had originally made reservations for $79 a night at ASMu. A few weeks ago, I saw a special rate for $64 a night from 9/3-9/30. I called DW and they applied the new rate to my reservation and I am saving $50 overall per room. Money that will go towards the next reservation :mickey: