2007 Prices Online


Finally!!! You can check or book package prices on line at waltdisneyworld.com I have check through early November 2007. I hope this helps all the other budgeters out there! If someone has already posted this sorry…I missed it!


Congrats!!! I’m so glad for all the 07ers! :happy:


There is NO time like the present to start booking a trip!!! YAY!!!


We are trying to go Nov 07!!! Finally, I can check out the rates! Can’t wait to officially have a trip booked!


unfortunately we will probably not be going next year. if all goes well, we will be adding to the gang, so DW probably will not want to go down there pregnant…


It depends on how pregant I am!


come on, what a better place to be when you are pregnant that disney…think of all the happy feelings the baby will have…AND ALL THE FOOD !!!


I agree with the food part, but limited rides is a total bummer!!!


while i am on the rides, you can sit at the taco place across from POTC and stuff yourself silly…