2007 rates


i have heard march and august as possible release dates for 2007 rates. can anyone remember what month (earliest) rates are released for the upcoming year? can i book a room only reservation now for 2007 (jan.)?


I don’t know when the rates will come out but you should be able to call and book a room for 2007. Your deposit may have to be adjusted after the official rates are out but that shouldn’t be a problem.

Where are you thinking about staying?


my daughter will be 3 1/2 at the time of our trip, so for her sheer delight (and our’s too.) we want to stay in the toy story section of the ASMo. it being jan. = value season, and a value resort i cannot imagine it will be hard to get a room. i just wasn’t sure if i could book now or if i had to wait for the rates to be released. thanks for the info. :slight_smile: i thought that room onlys could be booked WAY in advance, but then i read that wasn’t the case…so being a newbie…i just wanted to double check.


That sounds like the perfect place to stay with your family, the little ones will love it. I can’t imagine you can’t book your room a year out, if you are ready call tomorrow and book it.