2007 Room Rates


Does anyone know about when the room rates for 2007 come out for the Disneyland Resorts?


I think most rates are announced in August


I just tried making reservations at the Disneyland Hotel for May 18-24 and it came back with no room? Anyone have any idea of this is accurate of not? I used the disney website?

I have a res for the Grand but wanted to see what the price difference was for the Hotel.


Sometimes the Disney website gets cranky… :frown:

Try out the website at www.expedia.com and they will give you a good price difference between hotels…


Room rates for Disneyland are now out, but I have found that not everything is in the online system yet. Please also note for some of the Disney resorts, if they are having a big convention, they may set aside all the rooms until they have a better idea of how many they will need, so check back.