2007?... too arly to plan?


Is it too early to start planning a trip to WDW for May 07? :blink:


Its never to early to start planning! We’ve been booked for our Dec trip since Oct 05 and have been planning since before we even booked! The more time you have to plan the better ideas an itinery you will come up with plus you’l be able to gather lots of ideas and hints and tips for your trip!


absolutely not - and now you have the packages avail so you actually can know how much it costs- some plan a year ahead!


It’s never too early to start plannig a WDW trip. You can book your resort now and change it later if you need to.


Not at all. I am working on two - 03/07 and 12/08.


I agree… never to early to start feeling the MAGIC!


Absolutely not! Just think of how excited you’ll be when you finally get to go!


Ha…NO! I am contemplating planning a Sept/Oct '07 trip, so you’re one step ahead of me already! :wink: It’s never too early!


awwwww… you all got me excited now… I really want to go back to WDW next year!!! :mickey:


start your planning now. It will give you something to look forward to and it will give you time to research. I am loving every minute of my planning and as soon as I made my ADRs for this trip, I was ready to start planning for the next one. I think it is an addiction. And I am loving every minute of it! :laugh:


Hooray! Another addicted trip planner! :laugh: You are in great hands here pirateprincess! We are all in the same boat.


:laugh: Lmao! That just reminded me…

My mom is planning a trip for the Disney Cruise for December 2007. Planning can never be too early!


Heck no!

We’re planning our December 2007 trip.
{planning is half the fun!}


It is never to early. I start thinking about the next trip as soon we are finishing a trip. I am planning a group trip again in June 2007. I just wish we knew more on airfare sooner.


You guys make me feel so much better. I talk to my BF about it and he has no idea when I ask him what about this restaurant vs another. He just looks at me with a blank stare. I have to remind myself he hasn’t spent as much time look at all this stuff that I have. He made fun of my disney planning notebook. I have taken to carrying it every where with me :laugh: Sometimes I just like to look over what I have planned because it just gets me so excited!!

I am an addicted disney planner…I hope there isn’t a cure :laugh:


OMG no way is it too early!!! Actually since the packages just came out, things seem to be filling up quickly!! I’m going in April and I already have my plans made of where to go each day and what restaurants I want to make ADRs at!!!:whistling Happy planning!!


I’m currently planning our Jan/Feb '07 trip to WDW, our May '07 trip to DL, and our Oct '07 (Food & Wine Festival here we come!!!:whistling ) trip to WDW. Folks at work are laughing at me 'cause I come in every day & tell them how many days til my next trip. The planning is a huge part of the excitement so go for it whenever you can!


I’m currently planning my trip for 29 September 2007. Accommodation is all organised. I just wish I could book my flights now. I have to wait until the end of October which is driving me mad. I’m gonna need all that time to decide exactly what I want to do.


Absolutely Not to Early. I am going April 19 - April 26th and i have been busy planning for 2 months already!