2007 trip planning-need help


So, I want to begin planning our 2007 trip. This year, we’re doing Christmas (12/8-16 at WL. I want to be at WDW for MNSSHP next year. I’m figuring if we time it right, we can catch the last halloween party, the first christmas party, and some food and wine festival. So, anyone have any ideas to help me get started? Dates, resorts???


Okay,the last Halloween party would be 10/31. The first Christmas party would be after Thanksgiving. Are you sure you want to stay there THAT long???


Actually, I was looking at the dates for this year and the Christmas party actually starts on Nov 13. So technically, if we were there for 14 days, we could see both, on the day we arrived and the day before we would leave. But there is no way I could get DH to take off work for 2 whole weeks, so I think that plan is out the door. If I could have squeezed it into 10 days, that may have worked, but it doesn’t seem to work out that way.

Oh well. This year will be our MVMCP trip, next year will have to be MNSSHP all by itself!


It was fun to dream, right! :smile:


This is my second time going the last week of October. You are going to love going then. You should try arriving on the 29th, go to MNSSHP on the 30th, DTD on the 31st and then tour the parks. The crowds are nonexisitant after the 31st…it’s ideal!


Thanks Dana, sounds like good advise! I may just try to plan it that way afterall!