2008 2 part ADR Question


Hey All…2 part question…

  1. Has anyone seen the 2008 DDP restaurants yet? Think it would be safe to assume similarities to the 2007 plan.

  2. Will the ARD staff accept reservations starting the first day of your trip and beyond, if the later trip dates are outside the 180 day window?

Thankee Much…


I would assume, at least at this point, that the restaurant listing would be similar to the current listing.

If you have a reservation number with a Disney resort you can book all the ADRs for your trip (up to 10 days worth) at the 180 day mark of your check-in date. If you don’t have a reservation yet, it is my understanding you’ll have to call at the 180 day mark for each day of dining.


I agree, they’ll probably be similar - but there are rumors about the DDP being different next year (just rumors, so far as I’ve heard) so, who knows. When is your 180 mark? if you call on the morning, you can make ADR’s for the whole trip that day.


As far as I know, everything that is in place for packages and ADRs this year will also be in place for next year’s ADRs. That’s not to say that WDW won’t change anything cause we all know they love to change things just as we start to get their system.:laugh:


Im 180 out on 7/29. Ill make the tough ones (le Cellier, MK spots) and worry about the coverage later. One of the ones Im concerned about is Wolfgang Puck’s.


I’d be less concerned about Wolfgang Puck Cafe. Also, they seat until around 10:45, so if you can wait until later in the evening, say after the parks close, you should have little problem getting a reservation.


I think you should book everything that you want to book. If they change the policy or any of the places, the worse thing you will have to do is cancel or change something. Book everything…why wait?


My concern for Wolfgangs is primarily for the 2008 DDP. I can’t pay for it if its not participating.


Book it and cancel it later if you need to.