2008 Bounceback program!


Just found this on mousesavers!!

We’ll be checking in on the 27th! Looks like we’ll be going again next year too!

Bounceback Free Dining Promotion
This offer is available ONLY to guests staying at one of the official Walt Disney World resorts between 8/31/07-9/28/07.

Using a special phone number provided on some resort restaurant receipts or on a flyer provided in some resort rooms, you can book a vacation package for next year, for stays between 8/30/08-9/27/08, at a Walt Disney World resort with theme park tickets and receive the Dining Plan for FREE.

If you don’t get the offer on a receipt or a flyer in your room, I recommend asking at the front desk.

There is a 3-night minimum stay requirement. Reservation for 2008 must be made before you check out and no later than September 28 to qualify. A $200 deposit is required at time of reservation.


That sounds great. Hopefully others will be able to take advantage of the offer.


Wow, that is awesome! I wish I were going!


Thanks for the info!! We will probably book this, if we decide that Sept is a good time to go for us. We did this last year, that is how we got free dining this year. I am really glad to have this information before we leave. Thanks a ton!!:mickey:


Booooo!!! I am so jealous…I want to go this month AND next September but isn’t in my plans at this moment. I am trying to get a May 2008 trip around so hopefully an awesome discount code comes out!!! I hope many get to book (even though I am still jealous inside:dry:


Wow! That is a great deal. We’re planning a trip for 2008 but it won’t be during this time period. Like others have said, hopefully there will be plenty of MBer’s who’ll be able to take advantage.


Too bad it’s during the time the kids in FL go back to school!! But I’m sure glad they are offering something to their guests, since they switched up the dining plan!

This happened to my friend two years ago with the cruise . . . on the last day they were told if they rebooked for the same time next year, they’d give them the same cruise at 1/2 off . . . but they had to pay for it then and there!! (of course they did it) :smile: :smile:


Wasn’t there a pilot program like this last year too? I believe that if you were staying on site last year during a certain time window, you were able to book this year’s trip with free dining too. I believe it had to be booked at specific locations though, and yacht and beach club come to mind.

I was already planning a trip for next year in August of 2008 for my 30th birthday, however my bday is the 26th! Maybe I’ll celebrate at home and then take a trip later in the week.

I am going to assume that the free dining they are going to offer will be the basic dining plan, not the deluxe plan that was announced for 2008. Maybe you could upgrade to that plan though, since they are giving the basic for free?


I think I read someplace else that the basic was the free plan and if you wanted to upgrade to the deluxe it was 1/2 off.


That’s awesome! Too bad we went in May instead of going now when we normally would have. Oh well, I am glad that someone from here will be able to take advantage of it!


Yes, this was offered last year to guests staying during the same time period. What a great deal to those who are lucky enough to book it.


We went in Nov last year, and we didn’t see anything about it at our resort (POR). But, some friends of ours, who were staying at POFQ told us about it and we went to the front desk and asked about it. They gave us the dates, we booked, paid our deposit and now we will be going in less than 3 weeks!!


WOW that is great… Hoping for free dining in September of next year… I really want to go back.


That’s great news for those who are taking trips soon! Ours was just a couple of weeks too early. What makes me even more sad, when I told my DH this, he said we could have done it if it was offered 2 weeks ago.:sad: Wonder if I could hop on a plane without anyone around here noticing and take care of this. :ph34r:


I wish that applied to us!! I could convince DH to go 2 years in a row if that were the case! Oh well.


I wish I had taken advantage of that last year when they offered it since I ended up going back this year at the same time! At the time of my last trip when the offered it, I had no plans to go this year, but of course I was lured in once again! Ha.


We checked out of Wilderness Lodge yesterday, and I am happy to say that I am bouncing back!!! Your travel dates must be on August 30, 2008 or later. I am sooooo happy!!!


Dh said NO!! we aren’t going next year (moving in the summer, and DH’s school is getting more and more tough. plus, it’d be too hard to take DD out of school again.


So sorry :crying: . Maybe early in 2009.


yep, I’m going to push for a christmas vacation in 2009! if i gotta wait, i want it to be so awesome that it was super worth waiting for!!