2008 Dining Plan


Now I know I am jumping the gun, but I was just reading the 2008 Dining Plan and the ONLY place that DDP will be excepted in DTD is Captain Jack’s… no more Earl’s… OH NO!!!


OH NO!!! That really sucks. I love that place


Me again, Dac … Same thing happened in '06. The other restaurants came out to play as the year got closer (or even started). They held out for better deals from WDW.


I am alittle upset… I love eating in DTD.
Oh bummer.


Well, they still could join. And if they don’t? Earl’s is still a bargain- we’ve paid for that one out of pocket because we usually need an extra CS somewhere along the line.


Oh I would in a heart beat… I love earls…


i wouldn’t worry yet! places are sure to be added closer to 2008! i am positive that’s what happened last year!


that would be nice… there is no variety in DTD just captain Jacks… and that is between the market place and pleasure island.


I’m more concerned about Wolfgang Puck’s status.
I know lots of you love Earl’s, but I’m just not excited by sandwiches.
Of course, I like sushi, and there’s lots of you who wouldn’t even consider raw fish.
Keep your fingers crossed that they opt in before you arrive.


I have the Deluxe Plan brochure downloaded and I just noticed that there are a lot of places on the second page of participant charts that aren’t marked as to what they even are. That is, CS, TS, QS, Signature.
I don’t have the regular plan brochure, but I’d be willing to bet the same typos exist there too.
I think there will be changes and additions to the plan. I also don’t think it’s in Disney’s interest to have only one location in all of DTD participating. Did you notice that the food places in Disney Quest aren’t listed either?

Just downloaded the .pdf for the regular plan. The charts aren’t messed up like my deluxe brochure, but it still only shows Cap’n. Jacks’ as the only place in all of DTD. I think something’s gotta give


Ditto…I’m more concerned about WGP.:blink: I will be really upset if its not on the DDP. :fork_off:

I’m sure they will be added…but why is there a delay of the participating restaurants every year?:huh:


that’s because you can eat anywhere as TS.


Could you expand on this? I’m afraid I’m a little confused what you mean.


hmm that seems weird…I think it will come around. I can’t imagine WP and Raglan Road not being on the dining plan. Capn’ Jacks is already tiny…imagine them trying to feed the masses who have the dining plan…yikes that’s a mess!


Cap’n Jack’s is the only place in all of DTD that’s still Disney owned and operated. Levy operates Fulton’s, Portobello, and Wolfgang Puck (at least the cafe and dining room).


I won’t be upset with losing The Earl of Food Poisoning at all. But i gotta have Wolfie and his Chicken Tenders and Garlic Mashed Taters. :huh:

Hopefully these places are all late additions to the DDP. One thing we noticed on 3 straight days of trips to WGP was the steady stream of people. It never seemed to slow down. But they handled the crowd well and kept things moving and didn’t allow it to bottleneck. The inside can get really tight at the CS cafe.


maybe this is what she meant (?)-

isn’t the deluxe plan the one where you get 3 meals per day - it doesn’t matter if you do all 3 table service or counter, or mix them up, you can use them any way you want. so if you are staying for 5 days, you get 15 meals - doesn’t matter if you choose 15 counter service or 15 table service or a combination of them, it’s all included…any restaurant, except signatures still count as 2 TS.

or was i way confused when i read about deluxe DDP? :blush:


I’m the only person who mentioned the deluxe plan and that was because it was the only brochure I had at that moment.
The deluxe does give you three table and two snack credits each day and also includes the appetizer with each TS meal, but no tip.
Of course, you can use your table credit anywhere you wish that participates, regardless of plan, but why would you waste that much money on a hamburger or chicken fingers? Remember, the deluxe plan is (approx)$70 a day.

It was more the way DAC hung her comment out there, and I had no idea, and still don’t, who she was responding to in the thread.


didn’t the same thing happen to the restaurants @ epcot. i think when the first edition of the manual cam out, there were 3 restaurants in epcot on the list, by the time 2007 started, they were all there. don’t worry, it will all work out…