2008 dinning plan


Just found this for the 2008 dinning plan can now add a bottle of wine each night of your stay for $40.00 each night just thought I pass it a long Walt Disney World Resort - Detecting Browser Properties . . .


Oh boy, was I dreading this thread. Next year’s dining plans have been a heated topic here. On the other hand, the add a bottle option is interesting, especially when paired with the deluxe plan where you can eat dinner at the signature restaurants and still get a character buffet breakfast without paying more out of pocket besides the tip.


I guess the wine-a-day option is so that you get so drunk you don’t realize you’re getting the shaft. :glare:

I’m not a wine drinker so 8 nights of it is nothing to me. At $40 a night it’s really nothing to me.


$40 to me sounds like a plan…wine is perfect…or is it whine? guess it depends on the poster.


Fine, nobody is making you buy that option. I don’t drink either, but if I did, my DDE membership gets me 20% off alcohol as well as meals. But if you’ve looked at wine lists, $40 for a decent bottle of wine is a decent price.


I like the idea of the plan too, but I wonder how some of the “regular” restaurants showcase wines. I know that AP had an extensive wine list, as does Jiko. Seriously though, what happens when you’re at LTT? Maybe disney will be bringing in some new wines to the other places.


MK restaurants don’t serve any kind of liquor…it wouldn’t make sense to have dinner in one of those restaurants if you are using the wine option.


But if you’ve looked at wine lists, $40 for a decent bottle of wine is a decent price.

Oh, i’m not disputing the price. $40 a bottle may well be a very good value. I’m just saying we aren’t wine drinkers so that option is meh. If you are going to charge me $40 a night for unlimited bottles of Corona, then we have something to talk about.


I drink but DH doesn’t so we wouldn’t get the wine option… I am alittle upset they took the appetizers out.


I’ll pass on the wine option. :blow:


Are the changes official? I was on the WDW site and for 2008 it looks the same.

I know I am planning way in advance - but then - why would I be playing here if I weren’t a fanatic?


You asked this in another thread. Here’s the .pdf of the basic dining plan. The only change is the exclusion of the appetizer and tip from table service meals.


Thanks for posting link… nice to know the option is available.


Thanks again SG