2008 Disney Half-Marathon


Does anyone know if there is a central reference area such as the Wide World of Sports Complex that has more info than is on the web???




Try looking on allears.net or intercot.com They both seem to have a good amount of information on anything going on at WDW.


What page are you looking at Frank? The WWoS website has a good amount of info.

I’ve done 3 Disney races so far. Is there anything I can answer for you?


>>What page are you looking at Frank? The WWoS website has a good amount of info.

I’ve done 3 Disney races so far. Is there anything I can answer for you?<<

Our daughter is running in the 2008 and we’ll be in Disney next week. She was going to go to the Wide World of Sports complex to see if they had different info than is on the web. I mentioned I doubted there would be anything else there?? Not sure.




Oops. Looks like the half is full already. I hope she’s registered.
Walt Disney World® Marathon Weekend

I would doubt the sports complex would have any more information about the race. They have other sports events running all year long.


You can also try disneyrunning.com. It has a lot of info on all Disney running events. Marathon will be here soon!


I see you’re going to be there too this year. Are you running the half, the full or the Goofy?


I am going to attempt the full. We will see how training goes. Are you doing the half?


I’ll be at Water Stop #3 for the half marathon!


Yes, I’m doing the half again. This will be my third time. :happy:

BaaBee9 I will check in with you closer to the date to see what you’re wearing.
I can at least wave a sweaty hand at you! :laugh:


I decided the Mickey medal might be worth a try! The medal is supposed to be a little different this year for the 15th anniversary. Training is going well so it looks good so far. Goofy would be nice but I am not that much of a runner (yet). If I completed Goofy I would have to go to Disneyland for the castle medal!

One run at a time


ddoll, we want our marathon pics again! I was very proud of you last time!!!


Frank… I would love to find some more scoop on WoS, too. Please let me know if you find any other way! The WoS is not complete enough for me, either. I can’t really even find many good pics!


Aww…thanks Miss Dis. It’s nice to have people pulling for you. It would be even better if you were there to literally PULL me, but oh well. :laugh:

SDuncan, the Disneyland race is only a half right now. You know how it is out there: they just don’t have enough space. It was a pretty tough course too…almost all city streets, lots of pavement, not much to look at. A lot of the people who went there with me last year won’t go back they hated it so much. I didn’t hate it, but the main reason I went was to go to California.
Now Nashville…THAT’S a good race!


It’s the DCL waterstop so I may be wearing the same thing as eveyone else! Just yell “SARA” really loud! :laugh:


Is it time to go yet? Watching the second day of freezing rain in Kansas City is really making me ready for race day!


Believe it or not, it was actually too hot this past week in Orlando! I like it to be a little cool when running that distance. But you’re right: it’s freezing here in RI too which makes me more than ready to go back to FL.


I hope it is cooler than last year in Orlando!


You and me both. But at the very least, this year I won’t be wearing a long sleeved, long legged costume!!! :blink: I learned my lesson on that one. :blush:


I cant imagine wearing something like that to run in. I was in a Team in Training tank and shorts and that was too hot.