2008 Food & Wine Festival


I just read that the 2008 Food and Wine Festival will start on 9/26… guess what, WE WILL BE THERE, my only concern is that is the day before we leave. It’s a Friday and EPCOT is open late that night, I am wondering what the crowds would be like? DH HATES crowds, actually so do I… So do we look at attending the Food and Wine Festival on our next trip. MissSMIG and I enjoy the Flower and Garden Festival this past April…

So tell me what you think?


I say go. After Labor Day, crowds really die down here. Yes there may be some for the festival, but nothing overwhelming whatsoever.


True, but should we do the F&W the day before we leave for home?


Yes, go! The F&W festival is my favorite event of the year at WDW.


Food and Wine Fest is NOT to be missed…honestly…the event will probably be starting up before that date…and the usual crowds for food and wine fest are not that bad regardless…so I wouldn’t worry too much about the crowds. But honestly…food and wine fest is amazing…it’s delicious and tons of fun!


Thanks everyone… I know SMIGGERS will enjoy it.


Don’t worry about the crowds, it won’t be that bad at all–probably no worse than your usual Friday nights at Epcot. During the day should be fine too. I love the F&W fest. Don’t miss it!


I have only been to the F&W Festival once in 2005 and absolutely LOVED it!!! I loved eating my way around the World. And the Eat to the Beat Concert Series was SO MUCH FUN!!! I think I might plan our trip for 2009 during this time…this way, we can celebrate my birthday and DSs birthday there! It’s during the same week in October!


Where did you find the starting date for the 2008 Food & Wine Festival? Usually, dates and information for Fall events are not usually announced until sometime in the Spring before the events take place. :confused:


We were there this year for F&W. Definately go before you leave! Plus it is a great use of all those snack credits if you are on the dining plan!!


I googled 2008 F&W festival and it came up. I think it was part of the disney site.


We go every year to the Food & Wine Festival. You’re going to love it…


I am hoping… DH said that we can do whatever we want, that he would meet up with MissSMIG and I later, he wants to relax and enjoy the resort…


We really enjoy the F&W Festival. We missed it this year but we will be there in 2008!


We go every year and love it. The crowds were not bad around that time when we went in Sept.