2008 Walt Disney World Magic Your Way packages


Walt Disney World has released rates and dates for 2008 Magic Your Way packages this morning. There are two major changes from 2007 packages:

  1. Seasons/Dates: Starting in 2008, each night will have it’s own nightly rate, so the loophole of the past where everything is based on the night you check in will now be gone. Weekends and holidays appear to be a bit more expensive than weekdays as well, so the price of your trip could vary greatly from one week to the next.

  2. Disney Dining Plan. The good news is the current dining plan was reduced in cost about $1 per person per night of your stay, the bad news is that Disney eliminated the appetizer and gratuities from the Table Service meal, essentially increasing the cost about 20%. While the benefits have been reduced, for many people, the dining plan will still be a great value.

Disney has also introduced two new dining plans for 2008:

Deluxe Dining Plan: Guests will receive three meals and two snacks per night of their stay. Guests will be able to choose either Table or Counter service meals for each meal, and all meals will include gratuities, while lunch and dinner will include appetizers. Each guest will also receive a refillable mug to use at their resort during their stay. The price will be $69.99/adult and $19.99/child per night of your stay.

Disney Wine and Dine package: Guests can add the Wine and Dine package to any Magic Your Way package that includes a dining plan already. Guests will receive a bottle of wine at each dinner seating from a select list.

While I like some of the changes, and I understand why Disney is doing many of these, I really wish they would have reduced the cost of the Disney Dining plan a bit more to compensate for the items removed.


That deluxe plan isn’t bad. If I ever stay rack rate,I might try it.


Honestly, there isn’t a trip that we take that we don’t do atleast 2-3 more table service meals than what the dining plan offers anyway. We always used our TS credits for dinners, and added a few character meals for breakfasts. I think if you are going to do something like that and/or take advantage of the 2 credit TS meals, the deluxe plan is not so bad.

As far as loosing the loophole for individual nightly rates, it’s not a big deal to me. That is how just about every other resort/hotel works anyway.

Thanks for the facts Mickey!


I didn’t think the gratuities were included in any of the plans anymore. I read on the Disney site that only Dinner Shows and Character Meals that the gratuities were included in the Deluxe plan, but with TS and Signature dining, gratuities were NOT :huh:

It would be nice if they were included on all meals. Then that would be a deal!:biggrin:


We haven’t ever done the dining plan, so from our perspective, it still looks really inviting even at the new prices. I have felt really bumme dout when I sit down at a restaurant and look at the prices on the menu, only to have the CM cheerfully ask, “Are you on the dining plan?” Every single time, I wish we could have said YES!!!

mickey – can you talk to somebody about investigating offering a dining program for off-site guests? It makes sense… it would ensure that WDW restaurants get the extra guests, and it would make off-site people happy since so many of them eat at WDW all vacation anyway! See? Everybody wins!


I think the deluxe plan is a good deal as well. I like the idea of having all that paid for in advance. If you add up the cost of three meals and two snacks…plus the resort mug…you really are getting a good value. I think we will go with that.


It absolutely sounds like a great deal but that is a heck of a lot of food!! I never eat more than a banana, or a yogurt for breakfast. We’d probably stick with the original plan or that “wine and dine” thing sounds really nice.


So, to get this right, what does the WDWMYW packages include. Tickets and Rooms that will both vary depending upon the day now? Does this effect only those packages or are they going to start changing ticketing prices too?:noo:


I agree, we had trouble using 2 credits a day but I like that you can use your credits for any type of meal you want.


Thanks for the info Mickey. I haven’t done the dining plan yet but I was seriously thinking about it for 2008.


I think it stinks that they are cutting the appetizer and tips from the table service meal and I’ll bet that the wait staff does too! When you think they were getting a guaranteed percentage of the entire bill, and now most people will not add the appetizer for each person (I know we won’t), nor will everyone pay the entire gratuity (especially those from other countries that aren’t familiar with it) that is going to be a huge chunk out of the wait staffs pockets. I was happy with the dining plan the way it was. :frowning:


Im not a fan of the new dinning plan and rates. Ill go pay as I go after this year. :angry: :sad: :pinch: :frown: :noo: :fork_off: :mad:


This year’s (2007) dinning plan includes graturity? Right. 15 days to go


I am looking into 2008 pricing and I am interested in the Dining Deluxe package. Does the price include three meals a day including the day we arrive and the day we leave? Can I get the Deluxe Dining Plan only for the full days we are there? Last time we arrived after 7:00pm and had to leave by 9:00am. Dining plans for these two days would have been a waste of money so how do I avoid getting the plan for the day we arrive and the day we leave?


When we went in January, we ate about 4 more table service meals than what we had credit for and paid out of pocket. So the Deluxe really sounds good to me. We would like to do some of the dinner shows and since those would take 2 credits, we could do it. And I think we would still come out ahead. I hate that they removed the tip from both plans and the appetizer from the basic plan.


I kind of agree with you, but i also think its just another bonus like magic hours for staying on site.:laugh: :frown:
but another down side for me is that you have to have DDP for each nite of your stay so when we come from the UK for 14 or 21 nights the $$ start mounting up as we may spend around 6 to 8 days away from disney.:pinch:

:wub: :wub: there is a lot to work out the PROS and CONS


Would there be any logic for us to buy a dining plan? I mean, would we save money?

We usually have coffee and toast for breakfast, then we graze at the parks for lunch and have a big sit-down dinner (or the other way around, having a restaurant lunch and then munching for dinner) – Often, a Cuban Sandwich or a turkey leg – plus the occasional Mickey bar or Dole Whip – are our small meals.


We go for an average of 10 days. The regular plan for four would be about 160.00 a day plus tip and appetizer thats over 1800.00 for food alone. The deluxe would be 280.00 per day over 3,000 for the vacation food alone.:mad: I think its better to pay as you go we dont need a sit down dinner every night.:huh: Plus now you have the freedom to venture out and try other top knoch restaurants in the area. Provided you have transportation. :biggrin: ( Church street station area,etc)


I’m going in August on next year and I’m trying thr deluxe plan with my family. On average, I have to add at least three addition meals whether they are dinner shows or more character breakfasts. So I have been adding an addition $400-$500 to our meals. At least now having the opinion to have two counter or two table meals everything will be covered.


I was alittle disappointed in the changes in the dining plan, we never are able to eat the appetizers so we won’t really miss them, but I think you should be able to get one appetizer per party of 4 or something like that. I will really miss the tip though, I like knowing that everything is already taken care of, even though we almost always threw in an extra 10 r 20 bucks for the waitstaff. The deluxe is way to much food for us, although I would love to try it one day :slight_smile: