2008 WDW Deluxe Dining Plan - your opinion


So, what do you think of the Deluxe Dining plan WDW introduced for 2008?


It was good but now out of range.:mad:


The Deluxe plan is just way too much food! We were stuffed all day from the original one!!


The Deluxe has too much food for us as we don’t usually eat three big meals a day plus snacks


Same with us. We liked the dining plan but we were too full trying to eat all the food. We would keep getting the regular dining plan if our picky son wasn’t turning into an adult next May. I’ll miss some parts of the dining plan, like having all our meals paid for and not worrying about how much everything costs, but it will be nice not to be locked in to a meal because we don’t want to lose credits.


I like the option of the deluxe plan. I’ve already considered it for our trip for my birthday next year. I figure if we’re going to do atleast 1 signature restaurant for my birthday, and 1 dinner show it would probably work out right for us. It’s not something I would do every trip, but something I’d consider once in a while.


We would not eat all the food. When I am in a hot park all day… the last thing I want is to eat tons of food. I would feel like we had to eat it to get our money’s worth though. Rather Pay OOP and make my own choices.


Way too much food for me! Like Daisee, I would feel obligated to eat all of that food…and then I’d get sick…blech!


not sure i’d want to spend that much time in restaurants. if someone is going for an extended period of time, and will spending just a few hours a day in parks, and rest of vacation is about relaxing, good food, resorts, etc then it’d be a great thing to do. not so much for my family (with 2 little ones). great if it was just DH and me for more than a week though.


I used the deluxe plan on my honeymoon and all I did was eat. It was way too much food.


Not a fan of the dining changes. It was nice not having to worry about tipping. We never had a problem with a server before, and we did tip extra for better service. We always had plenty to eat, and will not be wasting time sitting down foe three meals. It was great while it lasted.


I felt the original plan was too much food. So i am happy with it. And hopefully service will be better since tips are guaranteed.


We had plenty of food on the old plan, so I can’t imagine adding more meals & snacks to that. It would be way too much food (& too expensive) for us.


I agree it would be too much food, but had to vote for TOO EXPENSIVE:ohmy: !! There are much better ways to spend your $$$ at WDW!

Prezcatz Paul


I am really considering it for next year’s trip. Everything I could possibly want to eat or drink will be included in the price of my package. I like the concept. I think it’s a fair price. I don’t know what I am going to do just yet, but am seriously considering it.


That’s how I was thinking of it. The deluxe plan will allow me to eat at the signature places…I can’t eat all that food either…lol


Ignore my last response. I just was rereading and realized the question was about the DELUXE plan. I think this is a good value. But definitely not something i would use on all trips.


the regular plan is too expensive for what it is- its not worth anything -
the deluxe is nice but too much time in sitdown restraunts in order to get your $$ worth - its about 6 hours out of your day to do that- plus snacks.


Well now, you know by now we are the Foodies, and while considering the new Deluxe plan, it is a lot of food. It is probably something we would have to think about and determine if it would be right depending on the trip. If it were a short trip, probably not. A longer trip, like our last, it would have been perfect.

If DH an I are alone, I might consider it. I would probably do early morning character breakfasts to get in the park early, no lunch, just a snack and then use my credits for all the signature restaurants for dinner!:happy: That would work for us.

Again, I would have to play it trip by trip. Ohhh, if that were my biggest dilemma.:rolleyes: :laugh:


Yowza, that’s a lot of food. And waaayyyy more than we would ever spend on food for one day! We have found that we actually eat less when we’re at WDW. We don’t think that much about food and when we do, we eat. But it’s not three meals/day!