2009 Annual Report


What’s up with this report? I just got mine. Of course I had to request one since this tightwad company won’t send out quarterly div checks, quarterly reports or anything else in an effort to save money that I have seen none of. Do I sound a bit angry:tongue:

Since I haven’t been excited about this companies stock performance in over 15 years the least they can do is send out an attractive annual report. When I requested it I ordered all materials available. Did I miss something or did they screw us out of an interesting report?


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Thank you:smile:


they have been raising so more people will come


We used to enjoy the annual report too, it made for interesting reading. We just figured ours had stopped because we were overseas clients.


I wouldn’t care so much if they were at least making me money and the numbers were interesting. The stock price has been flat lining for years and the new age Disney stopped when Frank Wells passed away.


I think you can download it from the shareholder website. Not sure if it is something I have the time to go through all the fluff though