2009 booking?


When will Disney allow us to book for 2009?


Should be able to now I would think. the pricing for the next year usually comes out late June or has in the past. You may have to call to book.


Thanks Dana… I tried on the internet but nothing… I will call now!!


Yeah you are going to have to call then if you are unable to do it online.


I just called and they said end of Aug… Heck… Thats ok… Im still trying to figure out how I got my DH to agree to it!! :happy: Do you know what the theme is for 2009? What about the kinds of discounts for that time of year?


For WDW, you can make room only reservations now, but for packages, you will need to wait until the rates are released for 2009. Disney has been saying end of August for all year, we could see them any day. With the changes to the dining system, the pressure is off of them for a while.

Discounts for 2009 won’t be seen for quite some time. My guess is January discounts won’t be out until late September/early October.