2009 Dining plan prices?


I talked to a friend yesterday that just said she booked the dining plan for Feb. and the plan 's price was more than last year. I think she said that the CM told her it was about 41.00 or so. Can anyone confirm that?


The basic Dining Plan is $39.99 per Adult per night, $10.99 per Child per night.


I booked for Feb 2009 @ $39.99 per night for adults. Haven’t heard anything about $41 at all.


I just booked the DDP counter service plan and it’s $20.99 per person, per night.


Ok, its only $10 more to get the basic dining plan! HMM?


With the counter plan you get two counters, two snacks and a resort mug. It’s different…the basic plan is one counter, one table and a snack per person. I think the counter is a better deal IMHO. That and I don’t want to make all the ADRS and stop and start my trip to go eat some where. I have more flexibility with the counter plan and can eat when I want …unscheduled.