2009 Pricing?


Hello Everyone!
I was just curious if anyone knew an approximate time to expect the new pricing for 2009. We have always gone in August/ September and have never had to wait. However, this time we plan on going the first week of February to celebrate my husband’s 40th birthday. I don’t want to wait too long to book, but the website isn’t showing anything past December 08. Any thoughts???


If you want a room only reservation you can call now and book. The CM will tell you that the pricing isn’t out but you can book the room and put a deposit down on it with the understanding that the rate may change.


Disney Teacher is absolutely correct. The package pricing and such should be out some time in June if my memory serves me right.


If you are looking for a package and you’re worried your resort will sell out you could book now as room only then change it to a package later.


Again, my mod partner in crime is 100% on the money. Do book it as a room only and change it to a package later if you think your resort may sell out or be hard to get later.


Is it possible to purchase park passes in 08 for use in 09? I could have swore that was possible so long as the passes were used within 12 months of the date of purchase


I believe it starts from the day of first use . . . only renewal APs start the day you purchase them!


Yes, passes are good forever (unless we’re talking about APs). We still have passes from '93 that we need to use at some point.


Don’t you have to purchase the non expiration for them to be good FOREVER now . . . if you don’t I believe they are only good 12 months after first use?

BUT, you can always add the non expiration at the end of your stay . . . we did it with my Mom’s . . . one day she was just TOO TIRED to join us at the park . . . so she used her day this pass FEB!


You’re right, I forgot about that change. We’ve had APs for a couple of years and I forgot about the change. If you don’t ever use the ticket isn’t it good forever?


I’m 99% sure that it doesn’t start until after the first use . . . but if I bought a ticket today to use next year . . . I would ask to be on the safe side! :smile:

I just thought of something . . . not sure I saw it here or somewhere else . . . BUT, weren’t some folks buying up tickets before last years price increase?:smile:


That’s exactly what I’m trying to do is maybe save $200 on a family of four for a ten day pass. I figure prices will go up at least $50 per.

On a seperate note, I never quit understood why they don’t sell passes for longer than 10 days (of course the annual but that’s not the point). E.g. We’re looking at 13 days. Why not give a break to folks who want to stay a few days more than 10


I’m trying to get a room booked for marathon next year because it sold out so fast this year. We got locked out of every resort we tried. And the half marathon booked up for 2009 already!! But I haven’t been able to get a room rate yet.


Wow, thank you ALL for so much help!!! I have never booked before the new pricing was out so I didn’t know what to do!

So, let me make sure I have this right. I need to call and book a room only, then after they release the pricing in June sometime I then call and make it a package? Or can I order tickets now too and use them in February 09?? If it’s the first option, how long do I have to make changes to it?? Also, if they offer a promotion after I book, can I have it applied to mine or is that just for new bookings?

Whew! This is confusing… good thing it’s all worth it!!!

Thanks again everyone!



Just wanted to give a little update to my thread. I called and reserved a room for our trip. (yea!!!) The very friendly (of coarse!) cast member said she didn’t think the new pricing would be out until September. That is much later than everything I had read, but nonetheless that’s what she predicted.

Also, just for those of you who may not know (i’m probably the only one), when booking in advance like this, they start you off with the peak rates for the current year. (I am staying during value season so it caught me off guard when she spouted out the temporary total price!) Whenever new pricing becomes available I can go back and switch to a total package, as mentioned in one of your replies above.

Anyhow, thank you all for your help. I have been on a “high” ever since I booked! I simply can’t wait!!!