2009 rates & value season


So I was thinking about looking into DVC again and was going thru the pros and cons. So I decided to call WDW and see how much it would be per night at the POP from 2-7 2-14 which I thought was value season and the CM (who I think was brand new or something:glare:) told me that it was $119 per night :eek: WHAT!!! Is that going to be true? I thought this was value season and its no more that $99 per night… I dont mind spending the money on a Disney vacation but for that I might as well get the DVC.


To me, DVC is a lot bigger investment than $119 a night for 7 nights.


This year is the “Year of a Million Dreams”, next year will be “The Year of Rising Prices”. Get use to it.


Well, honestly, 2009 rates and dates have not yet been released, so right now, it is all kind of an estimate. My guess is your dates, are partly going to be in value season, and partly in peak season, so you will pay the nightly rate for value season for a few nights, and then the peak season rate for a few night. For 2008, value rates are $82 per night, while peak season rates are $119, so their estimate is probably not going to be too far off.


How true!!! And from what I seen on MB and other places…DVC is sometimes a bigger bite than one can chew.


Thanks Mickey! I asked the CM if the dates were out yet and she said that they have been but I didnt think so.
Do you know what the dates for the value season are for 2009?


It is, However I go basically every year and right now I can get DVC for 100 pts and only pay $142 month so basically thats $1704 yearly which I can use the 100 pts for 1 week (if I plan it right) and get perhaps 2 more smaller nights out of it. My plan IF i do the DVC is use it in May and then go back in Oct for MNSSHP for 3 nights… Then in Dec I will be able to get more pts and go in march from my bday all on the same AP. I hope it works… :laugh:


I thought you had to buy a minimum # like 150, but maybe I am totally wrong. Anyway…hope it works out for ya.


Normally it’s 160 points to buy in but DVC is offering 100 points right now but only at AKV. It’s a nice way for people to get their foot in the door by lowering the price so it’s more affordable.


I’m sure that can be true. We wanted to buy DVC in 2003 but waited until I knew it was the right move for us. I didn’t want to get into something that we weren’t ready for. In the long run DVC can be a very good deal but it’s not for everyone.


I don’t really get what that was suppose to mean. You mean people who join then complain about the maintenence fees? I don’t get what you’re saying.


Is there somewhere this is posted or where I can read about this promo? I haven’t been contacted by DVC and I’ve been on the fence for 9 mo. about it…I did receive an email, but most of it was blocked. I was just checking into BWV for 100pts thru resale, but AKV might be more my family’s style.


I am saying that DVC is a huge financial commitment. A lot more than a weeks stay. A decision to buy DVC must be handled in a way that ensure your financial situation will not be in turmoil in 1, 5 or 10 years. For example, I would love to buy DVC, but I know that is a huge bite for us, considering we pay high amounts for private education. There is just no room for DVC in our lives. We opt to rent points or pay-as-you-go.


I am in the same situation as you rlander and totally get your meaning. For me it’s a commitment that I just can’t make right now. With DD entering private high school and college around the corner, who knows what financial state I will be in 3 years from now. I know my yearly trips would easily be covered by the DVc, but who knows how long there will be yearly trips for. I hate to make that commitment not knowing what the future brings. I will just have to rent those points for now and maybe later on down the line it will be a possibility.


I actually bought into DVC this way (with only 100 pts for AKV) We went to an open house at WDW on our last trip and our guide had told us about it. I’m really not sure if they are advertising it except for down there. But then again I’m not sure.

We had been thinking for a LONG time about DVC before we bought into it. Buying in with only the 100 pts was the perfect way for us to get ourselves started. We know down the road we plan on buying more points (cause 100 points is really only giving us 1 trip per year and we’d really like to take two) but right now we knew that this is what we (personally) could afford.


You are right, DVC isn’t a short term thing, you have to use it for 5-10 years before it becomes a real value. Depending on your current vacation habits it may take even longer. We were spending a lot each trip staying at deluxe resorts so we will see the savings sooner than a family who can go during value season and stays at a value resort. Say we spend $3,000 per 10 day trip staying at deluxe resorts, we’ll recover what we paid for DVC in about 7 years. After that we’ll vacation for what we pay in dues each year and that’s a lot less than what we would spend on resorts booking on cash. I look at it as locking in a price today for our future trips. Sure, dues are going to go up but not as much as the resort prices.

Is this a sound investment? No, but it’s good for my family. That $20,000 would do more good in the bank but the family time is going to be grreat while it lasts. Who knows where we’ll be in 10-20 years but I’m going to enjoy the ride.


Its usually 160 but right now they have a deal for $500 down you can purchase 100 pts at the AKV for only 100 pts…


That’s great, hope it works out for you!


OMG! I soo sorry. .I didnt mean to get everyone in a upraor… I was thinking about this since Im going almost 2 times a year… DVC for me may be worth it and it may not at only 100 pts. Thats only 9 nights so like 1 seven night stay and another 2 night stay wed and thurs. For me in my life I woul be the only one paying for it as my DH HATES WDW and wants nothing to do with my Disney life and or plans. so what that said I sat at work today and made up a little list of pros and cons… tell me what you think and why it may work… Now keep in mind that the prices are for 1 adult and 2 kids. For most of the time it will probally only be 1 dd and myself…

DVC 100 pts =9 nights = $2172 yearly and $DVC discount AP’s= 1018.48 Grand TOtal= 3190.48 year for 1 adult and 2 kids…

value resort and value season for 9 nights = $99 roundabout
Aps with no DVC discount = $1318.48

Total for the one trip just like above = $2218.48

Value resort for 7 nights during value season = $$693
value for 4 nights in Oct for MNSSHP =$400
Value in value season for my bdayish… $400
Aps for 1 adult and 2 kids $
Grand total for 15 nights in Disney during value season at a value resort = $2803.48

For me I think this is the better deal… I never cared about sleeping at a value… Matter fact I like them and perfer them… I think they have the Disney magic touch… I can get more nights for a cheaper price and keep in mind my oldest will not want to go all the time… so DVC $200 month just for 9 nights and 1 adult and 1 kid may not be good for us now… I have to break it down like that for me to get the difference…


This what DH and I think. Since it is just us we can skip out of DVC for now. We can’t really afford another monthly payment right now. We love staying at the resorts and have APs. We go 3 times a year and try to go when they offer AP discounts. We figured if we really want to stay at a DVC we can rent some points to check it out.