2010 AP room only discount


this isn’t helping me, since they won’t let you add dining to this code(yet…?), but thought it might help someone else.

code: GXX is what the CM i just spoke with said was good for room only AP discount for beginning 2010.

still waiting on an AP discount with dining option for my trip.
some AP holders have gotten pins…not me…
i’ve gotten 2 diff. regular pins and can get the visa discount…but all of those require a ticket purchase…not helpful when we already have tickets.

i am keeping my fingers crossed the option to add dining will be available soon.


so if I have a reservation for 1 night at Pop the day before we go on the cruise can I call and give this pin code and get a discounted rate? I am an annual passholder. Any idea what the rate is for value resorts and when it is valid?


It never hurts to try.


YAY!! the AP rates are out…look on mousesaves.

MouseSavers.com - Disney World Vacation Package Discount - DisneyWorld Packages

room only code: OTA
room & dining: OTZ

saved 40%!!! :slight_smile:


Congrats. Great savings. More $$$ for Disney stuff to bring home.


I am renewing my annual pass but have not done so yet. Do I need to do this before I can book a room with the annual pass discount?


Nope…you can book a room now, they may or may not ask to see your AP when you check in.:tinytree: