2010 Marathon - any advice?


I know this is really early, since 2008 isn’t over, but I was wondering if anyone was planning to run in the 2010 marathon? My DH is in training for a marathon in February, and was considering keeping his conditioning up to try for the WDW marathon next year.

We’ve never been during the marathon, and wouldn’t know what to expect. I’d have our two boys, who would be almost 7 and 3 at the time, and we’d like to go cheer DH on, preferably at more than one point if possible. We would rent a car, if that would be easier, or we could take Disney Transportation.

Is there a best choice for the hotel?
Any and all recommendations would be greatly appreciated!


I don’t know any of the answers, but I’m thinking about training for a marathon. My initial thought is to do White Rock, since I live in Dallas, but I’m thinking I may go for the Disney marathon. I’ve looked for some info around too.

Check out disneyrunning.com. There’s some info there, but I’m not sure about cheering locations. If there’s not something listed, the forums probably have some info.

Maybe I’ll be there too! Tell your DH good luck with his training!


Thanks, Jane, and I’ll let DH know about disneyrunning.
Good luck to you, and wouldn’t that be great to know someone else who’s running from Texas!


talk to ddoll, she has ran in it.


Our DS (14) is really into running. Pretty good too. Are there age ranges, different lengths?


I meant to add best wishes for safe training and a great run when you go. (Saying break a leg really does work here…)


My best piece of advice this early is to register RIGHT after the 2009 marathon ends. It fills up faster with each year. This year it was full 2 months after the last race.

Marathon weekend is early January. This year it is on Jan 10th & 11th. The half is on Saturday and the full is on Sunday.

The best hotels are on the monorail since they will drop you right off at the Epcot parking lot (where the race starts and ends), but all the resorts offer bus transportation to the race. The trick is in getting back afterwards. If you have a car, you can meet DH at the finish line and drive back to your hotel.

As for cheering, the best thing to do is have your DH keep you updated by cellphone as to where he is. The half goes from Epcot to the MK and back to Epcot. The full goes through all four parks.