2010 Planning DVD?


Has anyone recently ordered the planning DVD for 2010? I am wondering if it’s new or still the same boring, blah DVD.


Most likely. But I will order it. Is it available already?


I don’t know if it is or not. I figured it’s late in the year, wouldn’t they come out with the 2010 thing pretty soon? I don’t want to make them send me something I wouldn’t be interested in though, hence my question.

I have a feeling as soon as soundgod comes along, he’ll have a definite answer for me :wink:


I really want to get the 2010 planning DVD! It’s the muppets be in the 2010 planning DVD?:confused:


I ordered a planning DVD 2 weeks ago and they sent me the 2009 one. I’m happy with that though because I go this year not next :slight_smile:


I am glad you asked this. I have been wondering the same thing.