2010 Resort Rates


Any idea when the 2010 resort rates will be released?


I would expect them in the next few weeks. You can book a room before the room rates come out them call back and change to a package later once the rate are announced.


I asked a Disney Cast Member yesterday over chat. They said late July/early August. So, I am thinking any day now!


Thank you!


Dh said we’re going with April 2010 and he’s admitted he’s anxious to see what the next 5-6 months bring in the way of discounts. We want to do our ADR’s etc in Jan/Feb.

Doing the “I can’t wait to see the discounts so I can plan” Dance:mickey:


Usually by the end of August. Also the trend has been across the board increases of $10 per room per night.


I heard aug. 3rd or 4th…so i am hoping thats true!!!
I am on pins and needles myself :whistling


I don’t know but since ticket prices are due to go up on Sunday, they will probably do it then.


Just trying to see what we can afford. And, I shall add. . .its somewhat frustrating that discounts don’t come out so short in advance of your travel dates. . .no benefits to those of us that plan in advance. We then have to call and change the reservation, etc. :mad:


Anyone buying tickets before prices go up?? I was thinking about it.


If I had a trip planned after the prices go up I sure would.


I can’t wait to book my room :slight_smile:


I hope they have some good deals for value/moderate resorts. If the price is right, I may go down there for a few days in the spring.


I didn’t read that the tickets were for sure going up, just that it is typically if they do increase the price they usually do it around this time. Has Disney released a statement that the price is for sure going up?


I seems that they are up. I just tried a few dates for 2010 and they came up.


They are up!!! mousesavers.com has them posted for value and moderates thus far – doesn’t look like a big difference if at all :laugh:


awesome thanks!
i am going to check them out later this morning!!!