2010 Universal/SeaWorld Vacation


Hi Everyone,

I am truly sorry that I haven’t not gotten this up sooner. Have been swamped with work and home.

Here is a link to our photobook.

Universal’s Photo Connect



Dee, thank you so much! I loved your photos- we have never been to Orlando at holiday season, so to see Sea World and Universal was wonderful. I am so jealous you met the Grinch and I will show DD just as soon as she gets home- she’ll be pretty envious too- thanks again, fabulous!


Dixie, this was the FIRST vacation that DH and I had without the girls. The first few days it felt odd, just the two of us, but toward mid week with the weather getting warmer we enjoyed every minute.


Oh thats wonderful! Judging by the photos you had an amazing time:heart:


FUN TIMES! Love how you go to write a story with it! Thanks for sharing!


hey they are so cool… any more on the way??


Late is better than never! Thank you for posting the pictures. Looks like you two had a blast to me.


I will be some more up soon


I just loved the pics and the story boards.


We can’t wait till we get the hard copy.