2011 Birthday Cruise?


We are looking into a Disney cruise for my 16th birthday it’s in October so it’s a little hard to decide when I can go for it. I’m a little disappointed i’m not going to Disney. What do you think a Disney cruise or Disney World, i’m trying to get my parents to go to Disneyland again but I doubt that would happen.


Well, it depends on how flexible your dates are. Do you have a week of fall intermission? Does it line up with cruise departure dates? Time-wise, WDW would be more flexible.


That’s what I was thinking, plus I would love to do a tour for my birthday or I was thinking of going back to Disneyland.


Actually now we are looking into Disneyland… someone help me make up my mind! :pinch:


I’ve never been to DL, but I sure to love my Disney Cruises!


The only reason I don’t want to do a Disney cruise is due to the fact that their is nothing we can take during my birthday which means I would have to wait, and who wants to wait on their birthday? :laugh: If we go to Disney World I would finally be old enough to do the behind the scenes tour of the Magic Kingdom which I have been dying to do.


Oh, well, that would decide it for me! Would love to do one of the behind-the-scenes tours, myself, but the kids aren’t old enough!