2011 booking


Does anybody know when you can get booking infor online for Jan 2011. I am wanting to try to plan a vacation the week of jan 2-8 stay at WDW for the whole family and I was wanting to get an est. of the cost. but can’t online yet. Thank you


I know that you can’t check that online yet, but they might give you a quote if you call them. I don’t know for sure, just a thought.


That’s what I always do when I book that far in advance. Call the reservation line and get an estimate. There won’t be any specials yet, but you can book your days at the resort and then add the package when they get their calendars up. Hope that helps.


Thanks all I will have to call and get some estimates.
SO is the weather always that coold for the first week of the year or what is it most of the years?


I would give them a call as I know that in the UK Virgin Holidays are selling package holidays for WDW for dates up until early April 2011 already. I am waiting for a few more weeks when they start selling the breaks for August 2011 which is the next vacation we will doing. So I can’t see why calling direct can’t give you what you what you need.