2011 - Buy 4 Nights Get 3 Free - Possible?


Any possibility of the “buy 4 nights get 3 free” promotion coming back for January 2011? That’s when I’m planning my next trip and that particular deal would be great so we could stay at the Contemporary for the first time.


They have ran that promotion the last two years in a row, but I think it started after January. I am not positive. Check the front page news to be sure, but I am almost certain it was after January.


I’m not sure if that promotion included Deluxe resorts…maybe so.


It did include deluxe resorts.



It’s a simple business decision…for Disney to make money, they have to have people in the parks. Lowering the price some gets people into the parks where they spend more money. That was one of the best deals WDW has offered IMHO, so it shows how much they were impacted by economy.

I think it depends on the speed of the recovery.