2011 crowd levels for April


Yes, can anyone help me out with what type of crowd level to expect for April 2-9 2011. Easter is not until April 24 so is this still crowded like an Easter week or would it be manageable crowd level. Our trip for Dec. looks like it is put on hold and hoping that might have things worked out to go at this time if the crowds are of a manageable size and not literally shoulder to shoulder in the park. can anyone help us out. Also, if we buy aps for it could I expect a ap discount for at that time of year. thank you all so much.


I am interested in repsonses to this as well. We are considering going over Spring Break for school in 2012 and again that year it would be about 2 weeks prior to Easter. I have always heard the week before and the week after Easter are the worst but don’t know how those other weeks are as I have never been at that time.


According to the crowd calendar on touringplans.com
April 2=7
April 3=8
April 4=10
April 5=10
April 6=6
April 7=9
April 8=7
April 9=7

When we were there 2 weeks ago, our crowd levels were anywhere from 6 to 9, and we experienced very little wait time. It was the first week of free dining, and we could tell there were a lot of people there, but it was ridiculous. We waited 20-25 minutes per ride on average.


We were there the week before Easter this year, and I was terrified. The crowd calendar was at 10’s for three days we were there and 9’s the rest. It really wasn’t that bad. Park Hopper and “go with the flow” attitude are key elements. One morning, we were on the monorail heading to MK. Took a look as we were coming up to MK, and the entrance was insane. So, stayed on the monorail and decided to grab a boat from the Contemporary to explore Fort Wilderness. Only one on the boat. After a while, headed to Epcot, where crowds weren’t bad at all. I heard later MK was closed by noon because of capacity, but really didn’t know it as Epcot was fine.


Times like that are exactly why I love touringplans.com. We completely plan our days around the days they say are “best” and “worst” as far as crowds. I think that is why our last trip we didn’t feel the crowds as much.


Up north here spring breaks are at this time so that could be an indication of the crowd levels the first week of April.


We have been twice the week of Easter before but with Easter being later next year was not sure as to how crowd levels would be for for the first week like that. Yeap we said we would not go back Easter week again. Unless absolutely unavoidable. but about Thursday after Easter the crowd levels dropped significantly. keep the advice coming thank you all very much.