2011 Free Dining questions


Due to a dip in income we can’t go this year :crying: but I decided if we had plans for a future visit when our newest (3month old daughter) is older saying 18m-ish we would work hard to make it happen. So Free Dining is the way to go I think. I’ve barely done anything but DVC. (we don’t want to snatch my parents points this time around) So I’m really new to this whole Free Dining thing.
I understand Value resorts don’t have the plan we want but have the family suite. The Moderate resorts looks like we’d end up with 2 seperate rooms. So we’re not really cutting costs too much. Any opinions, help or general info, I haven’t stumbles upon yet is welcome. I am busy with the baby and the now very busy 4yo…so I will get back here, it just may take a bit.
Another questions is they don’t come out with the dates until January-ish, if I recall when I start seeing others discussing it. So how do you plan until then? Can you book ahead of then and still get it when it comes out? Does it just automatically roll you into it? Sure you may have to change dates thought. And how long does it ussually run? I see they extended it for this year but does it ussually go into November at all? :confused:
I’d truly love to go and attend the MNSSHP or MVMCP again with it.
I’m also hoping to stay in a resort we haven’t been to yet which may make things a bit more difficult. So I would probably want to call about reservations as soon as the dates are released?
And on top of it waiting for the dates decides if just Nana or Nana & Papa come along for helping hands. :blink:


The Free DDP doesn’t release that early, but you can still book your trip. If and when they release it, you simply call and have the discount code added to your already reservation and they adjust the balance accordingly. WDW will not automatically do that, so be sure to call. Book the trip yourself or have Mousektrips do it.


How many people do you have total? Little kids LOVE sleeping in the trundle at POR. Since its a moderate you could add the dining if its offered.


What I did last year is book at about the same time they had free dinning last year for this year and hope it came out. But ended up using the kids stay and play free and it was cheaper than the free dinning.


So it would either be my family of 5 and 1 or 2 depending on if my Dad also came.
We have stayed at the POR already and were hoping for something new.
If my Dad comes the dates have to be more into Novemeber because of his job. Which is the issue. But is booking it now and starting to pay for it as the time comes easier…ugh. Sometimes I just need someone to just tell me, do this…
I think it’s just been a crazy week for me. I ussually am never this indecisive when coming to Disney, LOL , if I even spelled that right.
Does the kids Stay and Play free include a 14yo? We have 3 kids who will be at the time 14, 5 & under 2-which is free anyway.
With the new baby & 4yo I’m not given the time to number crunch and plan…my favorite things to do when it comes to Disney.


I believe the kids stay and play free is only age 9 and under, as over 10 is considered an adult… If you have the Disney Visa I think that they add free dining for the kids too, to make it stay, play and dine for free.