2011 Marathon question


well, it’s not really a question about 2011, as that hasn’t happend yet. My two cousins are marathon runners and are planning to run in 2011 (their first time doing the WDW marathon), and the “whole” family is planning a big trip (I get to be the “travel agent”).
Historically, is it more crowded leading up to the marathon, as runners/families arrive early to prep, rest up, vacation, etc. OR, do they usually arrive, run, and then stay for a week after to vacation??? I am just trying to plan for the least crowded time surrounding the marathon, as we will be crowded enough with just our family! :laugh:
Any thoughts/tips/etc. are greatly appreciated. Thanks!:mickey:


Never been a part of a marathon, but my Brother was just there at WDW, staying the week before this recent marathon last weekend. He said the crowds were fine until the Thursday prior to the run. Then the parks were packed.


I agree - we were there this year (and have been several other years) and the day or two before the Marathon seems to see an increase in crowds (this year it was hard to tell because the weather was so terrible I think it kept a lot of people away from the parks, but they were definitely more crowded the closer to the weekend), and then by Sunday, the crowds decrease. (Then grow again for MLK Weekend).


The weekend for marathon does draw a crowd and it did this past week. What I was really surprised was how busy the parks are continuing to be for this time of year. MK was REALLY busy today.


Thanks for the responses-it sounds like we’ll be better off going the week before the marathon, and leaving right after…keeping in mind that marathon weekend will be the busiest (obviously). I have a friend who ran it this year, and didn’t even go to the parks! Just ran and left! I can’t even imagine not visiting the parks-even if it was after recuperating from the marathon…


I am thinking of running 2011. Arriving Thursday and leaving Sunday. I realize it will be busy, but I have been on July 4th and New Years Eve now and nothing can beat that…I mean EPCOT closed due to capacity…The other thing is - it will be just the wife and I getting away for a long weekend. More eating and shopping than riding and it might free up enough money to stay at a deluxe style resort…to see if it makes that much difference to DVC before our 03/11 family trip.