2011 Prices and Booking?


When does Disney usually release their prices for the following year? We don’t get to go to WDW this year :angry: and we’re planning to go next year, probably in Sept or Oct. I have the itch to start planning, but can’t yet. Does anybody know when we might expect Disney to release the 2011 prices, and when will I be able to book for Sept/Oct 2011?


I think you can book rooms now, last year the pricing didn’t come out till mid Aug. last year. But don’t hold me to that lol


Right now I can only book up through Dec 31 of this year.


but if you call I think they will let you book the room up to 400 days out


Ok, good to know. We’re still more than 400 days out :frowning: Too long to go without a Disney trip!


They open them up typically at the end of the summer.