2011 Room/Season Rates


Hi everyone!

I was wondering if the dates for 2011 season…value, peak, etc have came out yet. We were planning on going in June or July of next year but I found out the other day my kids have their Spring break the first week of April not during Easter time as they have in the past. So I go to thinking, April may be a good time to go, yes there will still be a ton of people, but not as many I am thinking as during Easter week and the weather will be not as hot as it would be in June or July.

Easter next year is the 24 of April, so we would be there 3 weeks before.

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ROOM RATES - I think are pretty much set. It is all the other stuff that does not come out till Aug/Sept - Park Admission - Dining. We are booked for March 2011 and we could only book rooms.


Thanks dadofthree, maybe I should just call them and ask for the dates we are thinking of going and then go from there…:happy:


NO! The 2011 room rates and seasons are NOT set yet. The next year’s room rates and “seasons” are typically announced in August of the prior year.

dadofthree, I PROMISE you that your room rate for your March 2011 is NOT set. The one-night deposit you already paid, THAT was equivalent to the highest room rate for 2010 (Christmas/New Year’s week); the one-night deposit you paid is NOT the nightly room rate you will actually be responsible for paying. Your account will be adjusted after the 2011 rates are announced near the end of this summer.

You can make room-only reservations by telephone up to 499 deays in advance, but I am 100% certain that the rates (and thus the “seasons”) are not set until around August of each year for the following entire calendar year.


They are forever changing the rates, and it’s wise to keep tabs on them. The best part about Disney is they will always adjust (within the 90 day final payment period) Last year I booked my December trip in June, by the time I was due to pay my final payment they OWED me money, since the room had dropped nearly $300! So watch for the deals and offer and then pick up the phone and call - it can hurt to ask and in the end it can save you money!


I am not sure about the room rates for 2011 but congrats on your trup. I think the crowd levels should be ok during the first week of April; you should beat the majority of the crowds.