2012 DVC points charts are up


at DVCmember.com It doesn’t look there were any more changes to the point system this year which is a pleasant change.


Really wasn’t much change last year, more tweaking than anything else. And the total points per year/unit can’t change - always has to add up to the same total. So if the increase weekend night charge, they have to offset the increase somewhere else.

I’d like to see the difference between weeknights and weekend nights narrow, but they didn’t ask me.

Oh, BTW in March, remember better to be OVER the hill than UNDER it! :laugh:


I hope they don’t alter the points anymore. Since they have tried to balance the week/weekend we have gone from being able to go to VWL in Value season for 4 nights to 3 nights per year

It will still be a few years at least until we can afford to add on. With the way DVC keeps raising direct prices, we may never be able to add on