2012 Planning DVD


Anyone gotten it yet? Thoughts on it.

Mine arrived yesterday. I’ve only watched 1/2 and it seems different so far from the 2011 one. Not like when they repeated a lot in 2010 from 09. It would’ve been hard to forget the host. Just a tad bit over zealous I think :laugh::laugh:
Even though we’re skipping a year I had to order one to get my Disney fix. :blush:


Awwww, I need to order a new one too. I was so disappointed with the 2009/10 one but kind of liked last year’s.


I love those planning videos. I have collection that goes back to 2000…:wub:


I love those too, keeps me in the magic whether we go that year or not. I still have a lot of mine but don’t have all since i’ve passed a few on to newbies over the years to help them see there’s more than just MK, park maps too.

My 1st one is a VHS we ordered while living overseas for 95 or 96. It’s amazing go back and watch how much it’s changed over the years. When HS was still MGM, before Pop or any of the AS’s, in 98 when they opened AK, Discovery Island & River Country rip :crying:.


Hey did you guys see on the page where you can order the DVD, there is also a feature that lets you put together your own video to watch immediately. I was playing with it and added all they offered. It turned out to be a 2 hour and 11 minute production. Love it!!


I did the same thing… it was hard to cut out anything.


1 hour, 32 seconds


I don’t even think I watched last year’s. But I’ll need to order a new one, just in case!


I do that for fun! It always brings a smile to my face.:heart:


Not sure we’ve ordered one of these for a while so I might have to do that tonight!