2013 evening spectacular schedules?


When will Disney announce the tentative schedule for all of the evening events like Main Street Electrical Parade and Fantasmic? Does this typically come when they announce park hours? I know Illuminations is always every night at 9 so that one I don’t need. I’m a month out from my 180 mark for dining ressies and I want to make sure I know where we’re going to be or where we’re coming from before I plan our restaurant choices. We’re only going for 5 nights so I have less flexibility for making changes should Disney be delayed in giving this information. TIA!


I would think we would see those hours in the first week of July. wdwmagic tends to have them up a week or so before the Disney site and they are always correct.


here’s a crowd projection for each park if that helps.

Disney World Crowd Calendar with park opening hours January 2013 - Free Disney Vacation Planner Tips


Thanks Dana! I have the crowd predictor info already as well as recommended park for each day. What I’m anxiously awaiting is parade and firework schedules. It makes such a difference when we’ll only be there 5 nights. I’ll keep waiting patiently and stalking all sites regularly. :wink:


you’re welcome:heart: