2013 Member Cruise - Convince me worth $$$


Looking at the cost of the 2013 member cruise in Dec. The cost per person is 74% HIGHER :eek: than the adjoining weeks for points and 65% higher for cash.

Members I talked to highly recommend them but are they REALLY worth the price of a full week cruise for 4 nights?!?

Convince me…


I cannot convince you as I don’t think it’s worth the money. I would rather pay less.


I’ve had members highly recommend it, when I started looking into it the cost is crazy - almost as high as the Christmas/New years peak season. But the member cruises are in lowest season?!?

I saw a similar post on Mouseowners and haven’t really seen any answers there either.

Anyone DONE a member cruise?


I have not personally, but friends of mine have. They loved it, but agreed that is was seriously expensive to do.