2013 Points Charts are now up at DVCmember.com


Just saw a post on Mouse Owners and logged into the site and just saw the points for VWL, but not the other resorts yet.


Yes, all the resorts points stayed the same with the exception of BLT and SSR. The Treehouses went up due to demand, and they did some shuffling at BLT because they moved 10 Magic Kingdom views to standard, because of guest input (complaints).


I am so glad this wasn’t a big overall adjustment year. The past two point reallocations were a real bummer for us so I was worried!


So was I.

With the last one, we had just bought enough points for a week in the slow period at BLT and suddenly we were a few points short. grrrr But we didn’t add any more, we’ll just suffer. :laugh:


I am also glad it did not increase. With our small contract we have been goofed up the changes the last few years. It used to be that we could do a 4 weekday stay per year during adventure and choice seasons and just have a couple points left over to bank. Now we get 3 days with a few more points to bank but it gives us less time unless we bank/borrow.

One of these days I hope we can afford to add on another 50 points just so we don’t have to worry. If not, I may need to get rlcarmichael to rent whatever available points he as at the time we want to book :redface: