2013 Thanksgiving Trip including an emergency surgery!


Welcome to our 2013 Thanksgiving trip! This trip was partially funded by my dad. He and my mom decided that for Christmas they would pay the loging portion of our trip! YEA, best parents and gift EVER! They also did this for my sister and BIL. So the whole family would be on vacation together. (Yes my parents also came). So here we go (the surgery part comes near the end so hold on).

CAST: Me, DH, DD (13), DS (6), Papa, Granny, DSis and DBIL

Day 1: Thursday, Nov. 28
We arrived at Caribbean Beach around 11:45AM after staying in Brunswick, GA over night. We did not do online check in this time as we were 3 rooms tied together and we didn’t want to mess that up. Check in was slow and our room was not ready. That was okay. We went to park the car at Aruba (we were told what building). We then headed to Old Port Royale for a light snack while waiting on our room and the rest of the family to arrive. We purchased a few things we needed (sunglasses and swim trunks for Aidan) while there also. We stopped by the play ground on the way back to Aruba to kill time. Around 1:30PM our room was not ready but the rest of the family had arrived in Orlando. They were staying off site for the night and checking in at CBR the next day. We decided to head to Beaches N Cream for a late lunch. The Beach Club is just beautiful during Christmas (all the resorts are). Here are the kids with the tree in the CBR Custom House (check in area).


Silly boy at the fountain. We LOVED the carousel at the Beach Club. The chocolate and gingerbread smell from the carousel just filled the lobby!


Let’s try the Carousel again. All pics were taken with my iphone and I’m terrible at using it.


One of my favorite parts of going during the holidays, is to see all the different trees at the resorts. I had not seen CBRs tree so thanks for this—it’s beautiful.


Our favorite trip was our Thanksgiving trip. We also stayed at the CBR that year. More please!



Looking forward to more of your TR!


Oh my word! I’m not sure if I can wait towards the end of the trip report to explain the emergency surgery. Everyone okay? Did it happen at Disney? Who did it happen to? Please continue with the trip report to put us all more at ease!


The emergency surgery was an appendectomy for my brother in law. His appendix did rupture. He had surger at Celebration Hospital on Friday, Nov. 29. He is home and recovering.


Dinner at Beaches was ok. We all had burgers and dog for the most part. Dessert, however, is what we really went for and it did not disappoint.


Aidan with his Mickey sundae! The picture of strawberry shortcake didn’t turn out so hot but it was delicious!


As we were finishing up I received the text that our room was ready (it was 2:55PM). We had intended to go play some minigolf after Beaches but as we drove into the parking lot it began to POUR! We decided to just head back to CBR so I could unpack and get us settled. My parents and sister/bil were very tired from leaving home so early also. After we had setteled in and unpacked we took Aidan to the main pool area for some fun. It was the only time for 10 days that we visited the pool which is unusual for us. We hit the hay early as the next we were hitting MK!!!


Oh my goodness!! I am glad he is doing well now. What a memory from the trip! I know how those ruptured appendix go—without a lot of warning. My DH ruptured his two weeks before he had to walk my daughter down the aisle!!!

The report and pictures are great.


Thank you so much to all who are following!

Day 2: Friday, Nov. 22

We are early risers that love to be at park openings! This trip we were up every morning at 6AM to get ready. We ate breakfast at Old Port Royale and were at the bus stops at least 45 minutes before openings. We arrived at MK this morning at 8:30AM for a 9AM opening. It wasn’t crowded at all this day! We sang along with the opening show and then were on our way to Fantasy Land. Everybody but me and Granny took a spin on the tea cups. They walked right on. We then walked right on Pooh, Peter Pan, Small World in record time. We did 4 rides in less than an hour including 2 potty breaks. My mom really wanted to see new Fantasy land and we had FPs for Be Our Guest at 10:30AM anyway. So we headed to walk right on Little Mermaid. My family didn’t get to really enjoy the que as we couldn’t stop. We just kind of wandered around NFL for awhile after that. I had made a FP+ ressie for BOG lunch online a few months before. We arrived at BOG at 10:25AM for our 10:30AM FP+. There was a huge line and people didn’t seem to happy that we were able to walk right by them. We were the 2nd family in line for the FP+. All of the staff come out to welcome you to BOG for opening. A very nice touch. We were in and at the kiosk ordering in no time. We didn’t wait probably 5 minutes for our food after that. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the atmosphere, the food and staff at BOG. This was our first visit and did not disappoint. We sat in the main ball room right beside the windows where a lovely tree was lit. This is now our favorite MK CS and we will be going back!


After lunch I had scheduled some FP+ selections. First up Space Mountain. On this note, we LOVED our Magic Bands. So easy to use and we never had issues. We really didn’t need FP+ selections this day but we had them so we used them. Aidan decided he wasn’t ready for this one yet so me and Granny waited on him while everyone else hit the coaster. I failed to mention that this was brother in laws first trip to WDW since he was kid. He has only been once in his life for one dat at MK so we considered this his first trip. He LOVED it! After Space we hit Buzz as a walk on and then grabbed the train around to Frontier Land for our Splash FP+. Here are the loves of my life on the train ride.


Splash was fun and we got a little wet but not bad (I get SOAKED later in the week). We then BTMRR with another FP+ selection. Had we chosen we could have waited a max of 10 minutes to do each again but Aidan was ready for his favorite MK ride, PIRATES! Of course it was a walk on, we then decided to try the Jingle Cruise. We waited in our longest line of the day here, 10-15 minutes. We were disappointed in this. I expected more since it had promoted so much but the only real difference were the boat names, a few decorations and a few holiday inspired jokes. It could have been so much better. Maybe it’s better at night but we never went back to try it again. We then ducked back over to Liberty Square to walk on HM. After that we made our way out to the boat docks to head to our 4PM Hoop Dee Doo reservation. We waited FOREVER on a boat and then it took FOREVER at the WL to unload/load. I was beginning to get nervous. We are NEVER late to anything and I hate feeling like I won’t be early. We did make it in time! Got our pic and then the dinner bell was rung. There was NO ONE seated in the balcony at all. I’ve never been to Hoop with out it being sold out. We love the food and show here and BONUS my dad got picked to be part of the show. He was the fairy! It was TOO FUNNY. At first he told the lady no but my kids begged papa and of course he never says no to them.


Our night wasn’t over yet. We had a Wishes fireworks cruise booked for 8:30PM departure. We headed back to CBR to drop off bags, freshen up and potty. We got to the Contemporary and Aidan said he found his Christmas present. Yeah, he can keep dreaming.


Granny and DH decided to photo bomb Aidan. This was our 3rd fireworks cruise. We love them and always learn new information. After a long drive around Bay Lake and Seven Seas Lagoon we watched the water parade. So cool to see it so close. My kids love it. It was then time for the Holiday Wishes to begin. It was a MVMCP night and we had never seen this version. We prefer Hallowishes but these were good too. After a great fireworks cruise we headed back to CBR exhausted and we were all out quick.


Day 3: Saturday, Nov. 23 ANIMAL KINGDOM and STEP SISTERS
Bright early wake up and go as usual. Park was opened as soon as we arrived. We headed straight back to Kilamanjaro for a great safari ride. For the second time in 13+ trips Simba (anybody know the lions real name) was up. Lots of animal activity this morning. We then did the Pagani trail. It was then time for our FP+ Everest appointment. Aidan decided he would be a big boy and give this one a try. Emilie didn’t want to be shown up by her younger brother so she went also. Both kids were nervous and had tears in their eyes when we buckled in. When it was all said and done they both decided it was AWESOME! I was so proud of Aidan for conquering it much younger than Emilie. Em rode this once before at the age of 10 and didn’t like it. 3 years later she loved it. The kids and papa of course had to stop at the drums on the way to EE.


Papa as the fairy…priceless…you’re kids will remember that forever!!! Great TR.


After EE we hit Dinosaur with FP+ (we really didn’t need FPs this day either but since we had them we used them). We then were getting hungry so we decided to try a brand new lunch location, Restaurantosaurus. We usually hit Flame Tree or Pizzafari but this just smelled so good when we walked by. Emilie, however, was pouting because she wanted Pizzafari so her wonderful dad hiked with her over there to get her lunch. I had the chicken sandwich which had a garli aioli on it that was very good. I was pleasantly surprised with this. DS LOVED getting his food in a sand pail. After we were all refueled it was time to head towards Festival of the Lion King. We did make stops at Primevil Whirl and Bugs Life on the way. LK was great as alwasy and Aidan was picked to be in the closing number.