20th anniversary of MMC


I loved that show! I remember spending a whole day at DHS('94) watching them film 2 episodes. They should put all the seasons on dvd. I have most of the episodes on vhs but they are at my mom’s somewhere.
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I enjoyed watching the show as well…


Wow, I was TOTALLY and completely obsessed with this show! I used to have nearly every single episode of all seasons on VHS too. I remember seeing the live tapings [I still have a couple of my entry slips in my memory box], my favorite taping was the one when CeCe Penniston was the musical guest. :laugh: I was absolutely in love with Kevin Osgood & Chase Hampton, they were like my first serious crushes. :tongue:

I started watching during season 1 & was a diehard fan for a long time but by the time Britney, Christina, & all those young’ens came I was ‘too cool for school’ & watched less & less. I remember the last cast I was really into was with Keri Russell, Tonny Lucca, etc…

I actually keep up with a lot of them on Facebook & My Space which is fun! And, the best part of it was we used to have a hardcore MMC penpal chain (this was before computers we’re in every home obviously) and from the time we started it, I was probably around age 11-12, I made a couple REALLY good friends. Can you believe I am STILL friends with three of those girls now on my Facebook like 17 years later?!!??


I :heart: Chase,Marc and JC! I also follow all three of them plus Tony, Matt and Jen. Now I feel like watching some clips. Wow…that’s great you kept in touch.


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I totally just joined Carly, he really was my first love crush. :wub: haha. Awesome video you put together btw.


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