20th anniversary trip booked for 2012


So after i got back this year I emailed Disney about how great the trip was but that I didn’t see a bounce back offer in room. They called me with in 2 days and gave me one!!!:wink: So off we go I am giving this to my DH for Christmas. :mickey: Question though I am printing out Dining for 2012 and it looks like you get a mug with the dining plan is this right?


I believe I read that you get one with the quick service plan.


Well done getting the bounce back offer! Perfect for your anniversary celebration. I dont know about the mug deal sorry.


I don’t know about the free mug with the bounceback offer, but when I booked a trip with free dining (basic dining plan) for spring break our offer came with a refillable mug. I asked an the CM said it was a new add on this year with free dining.


Yes in 2012 the QS and regular DDP have the refillable mugs.


I knew the CS dining plan did but the regular dining plan does too!? Awesome!


we were there in September at akl and didn’t get a bounce back offer. was it just certain hotels. how do i contact Disney to ask.


I just emailed them…thanking the them for a great trip but that I was disappointed not to see and offer in my room…got a call about 3 days later with an offer.