23 degrees wind chill this morning in Orlando today


… but 78 for the real high later in the week.

I was just wondering what you do when it gets this super-cold at the parks? Do they have limited openings? Are rides closed?

I even saw one report of a 17 degree wind chill this morning in Orlando! I bet the parks are pretty deserted with this kind of chill, so where does everyone go?


I seen the weather . WOW, is all I have to say. I would not be entering any theme park unless I was going to a character brealfast first. Then I would hang around shops until it was bearable to walk around outside. Can you imagine those poor people who are at Fort Wilderness in tents. BRRRRRRRR!!!:ohmy: :crying:


You are just cold in WDW…lol Nothing closes for chilly…I was there in january one year and the weather was frigid…I actually needed a coat and I rarely wear more than a sweatshirt even at home. I would rather be at WDW freezing my butt off than not at all…lol


I agree with Dana. Bundle up and suck it up. You’re in WDW! The cold will pass. It rarely gets this cold in Orlando, but when it does all is working and running. I think it would be great to attend the Christmas party on a cold night.


I have to admit, I would be pretty disappointed with those temps… had I been planning a trip. BUT… I guess you have to go with it… & bundle up.


We were there last February and it was FREEZING. We drove down so we luckily had hats, gloves, scarves and winter coats with us. One day started out warm and got really cold in the afternoon. We walked into a store to buy a hat for DS and they had hats and gloves all laid out on the counter! It was kind of weird in a fun way to be in WDW all bundled up. :laugh:


Hey Packerbeth, I see we will be in WDW at the same time. Where will you be staying. If you already posted it,I must have missed it.


This is NOT the morning to hurry over to Test Track! :laugh:


It was really chilly when we attended MVMCP on the 21st. I don’t know how cold it actually was, I’m guessing about 55 degrees, but I was pretty cold when we were just sitting around waiting for the parade. On the flip side, I wouldn’t want it much warmer either. The hot chocolate was so good because it was so cool out.


Test track wouldn’t be so bad, I don’t think I’d try Kali river rapids though. Normally right before Marathon weekend it gets cold, but this is the coldest its been since 2003. There was actually a chance for Snow on the East coast of central FL last night.

Something else to keep in mind. I lived up north for the majority of my life. 35 degrees in New England no big deal your used to it, but 35 degrees in FL is a different story its freezing. I don’t know if its got to do with the humidity or what. I was actually up there about 2 months ago and had a sweater on in 30 degree weather and was fine. Last night I had on the works.


It may be 23 degrees in Orlando today, but compared to the 6 degrees I woke up to this morning, that’s a heat wave!


Back when dinosaurs walked the earth and I was in jr. high, my family had driven down to Florida for a Christmas trip (not just for WDW, but that was definitely part of it). We left from Indiana, which as many posters here can tell you gets pretty nippy in December, and since we drove, we had all our cold-weather gear on when we left.

Central Florida had a cold snap that year. WE LOVED IT. We just put all our stuff on and had a ball. We practically had the place to ourselves. :laugh:


I think that’s what it was here this morning too. I was hoping it would be cold like this while we were gone but it was actually pretty nice until we got back.


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


I was in WDW in November 2006 at mickeys Christmas part is was so darn cold but fantastic as the Disney snow fell.

In England we are sole Orlando as the sunshine state and our travel agents tell us it never drops below 80. WOW did we get a shock:laugh: we had to go out and get all winter clothing for the night time. most of the days were not to bad.

meanwhile back in england today I had to have the day off work because I was snowed in ( Wish I was in the heatwave in Orlando):laugh:


We were there one February when it was just plain COLD - frost on the cars every morning, cold north winds. It was freezing. It really wouldn’t have bothered us at all if we’d been home - it would have been like paradise if we had that weather in Feb. - but the problem was we just didn’t have enough warm clothes with us, so that was miserable. We ended up buying the thickest hoodies we could find and gloves. And we still had to wear layers. Since then I’ve always tucked away a pair of gloves and taken a warm jacket with me, if we go in the winter - haven’t had to use them, but if we need them they’re there.


Wow I’m thinkin a January trip would be a good time to take DH…with periods of weather that are THAT cold, I bet there aren’t many people in the parks! (That’s a plus…) And DH and I are used to that kind of weather so it probably wouldn’t bother us too much.

I can’t believe it varies that much…from the 20s to the 70s in the same week! :whistling


Honestly, I think I would be really sad if I had to avoid the wet rides… Kali and Splash. And plus, I am determined to ride CrushnGusher next trip – I still haven’t gotten to go on it! I am now thinking of moving a semi-planned Christmas trip to a warm month!


Be aware Typhon Lagoon is typically closed during Decmeber. Once it reopens Blizzard Beach closes down for a month.

I’m watching the nightly news and it has never snowed before today on this date in FL. Therefore making the trace snowfall they recieved in Daytona a record snowfall amount.


I just read that they closed Blizzard Beach and canceled the Luau for today. It just amazes me that is could be that frigid there today when it was like 85 on Sunday.