24 hours and counting


Just did the southwest checkin. Got A48 & A49. We’ve never had such high numbers. I sat at the computer, clicking over and over and over until they decided it was 7 A.M. I do this every time and usually get in the 20s. I wonder if this mean the “early bird” checkin is popular.

So bags are ALMOST packed. Just need to add meds and jacket. Might be a little chilly back in philly in two weeks.

I don’t need to say goodbye. I’m taking my laptop with me. I’m not planning to do a true live trip report but maybe a few lines and a picture or two.

First day plan, meet up with Dixie. We almost missed each other. She is leaving the next day for home, but will be able to spend a few min together. After that it’s are just us for 5 days. Then DD, DSIL and DGDs, and DS and DDIL come down. And a few days after that DB comes down.


I guess I will not say goodbye but, SEE YA REAL SOON!!!:mickey::mickey::mickey:


Have a wonderful trip!!! Can’t wait to hear all about it!


Have FUN!!


Jo Jo, don’t worry about the higher number. I did the same thing and ended up with A40 and my Sister in law with A58. When they lined us up, I swear there was probably 10 people in front of me, like the first 20 didn’t exist. I truly love Southwest. It was a smooth flight, and we arrived 20 minutes early!

Have a wonderful trip. We just got back Thursday night and the weather was PERFECT.


Have fun, Jo-jo!! :heart: :slight_smile: I’ll miss you!


Hope you have a great trip, and I can’t wait to hear about all the fun you had with your family in your trip report.


Have a great trip Jo-Jo :wub:
We’ll be awaiting the daily trip reports!!!


We check in this Saturday! Have fun…